In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #9

Star Wars

Synopsis: This month on Star Wars. “OPERATION STARLIGHT” BEGINS, AS THE REBEL PATHFINDERS UNDERTAKE A DESPERATE MISSION TO THE IMPERIAL CORE. In the Imperial Museum on CORUSCANT, an ancient droid holds the key to the salvation of the REBEL ALLIANCE. The Rebels’ elite operations team, the PATHFINDERS, must pull off a daring heist right under the nose of the EMPEROR himself, with LANDO and LOBOT along for the ride!


The Story

With their communications compromised by the empire in the last issue. The Rebels have to think of alternate ways to communicate with the rest of the fleet. A solution presents itself from C3PO who knows of an ancient language. However, the only speaker of this language is an antique droid, which is in the care of the Imperial museum on Coruscant. Since the museum is located in an imperial stronghold Leia has to think out of the box. Therefore, she sends in the Pathfinders. A covert ops group led by Kes Dameron. Along for the ride are Lando and his friend Lobot. Their mission is to steal the droid from the Curator’s office and bring it home.



When it comes to Star Wars. One of the better artists working on these comics is Jan Bazaldua. And they do not disappoint in this issue. The panels that take place on Coruscant are brilliantly done. Especially when it comes to the dramatic sequences in which Needle is creating a diversion for Kes and his team. Likewise, the sequence in which Kes and Frell take out the Curators guards is fantastic fun. My only slight grievance is not seeing how they managed to sneak the bulky talky droid out of Coruscant. Obviously, that isn’t up to the artist, but it would have made for a fun sequence.



Charles Soule continues to deliver us a fun series of Star Wars adventures. Although I feel a little too much time was spent with C3PO explaining about the ancient language and the droid. Time and space that could have been used to extend the actual mission.

Overall. A good story, which put me in mind of some of the old war movies I used to watch with my late father.


You can pick up a digital copy of this along with all back issues at ComiXology.

Star Wars (2020-) #9
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