In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #46 – OPERATION: RESCUE MON MOTHMA!


Synopsis: OPERATION: RESCUE MON MOTHMA! The fate of the REBEL ALLIANCE has become intertwined with accused traitor LANDO CALRISSIAN – if he falls, so will the Rebellion. LEIA ORGANA must mount a desperate rescue mission if there is any hope of defeating the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE!


The Story

Acting on information provided by Chewbacca through Lando. The rebels launch their Rescue of Mon Mothma from the mercenary group known as the Scarabi. Meanwhile, Mon Mothma meets one of her jailkeepers and tells the story of why she became a leader in the Rebel Alliance.

Given that, Lando knows how the Scarabi operates and has direct experience dealing with them. General Madine recruits him to go along with Kes Dameron on the rescue mission.


The Artwork

Madibek Musabekov puts together a great series of artworks for this book and takes full advantage of what this story has to offer. The conversation between Mon Mothma and Hatchi is brilliantly brought to life with some fantastic micro expressions from Hatchi when Mothma pretty much describes how a dictatorship doesn’t care a jot for individuals or their potential. In fact the whole sequence of panels that make up that conversation is a master class in how less can often feel like more.

I also loved the sequence where Lando and Kes have to do battle with a giant droid, which is guarding an old abandoned Scarabi base.



A fantastic issue in which we learn the reasons why Mon Mothma became a leader of the Rebellion when it would have been all to easy for someone as wealthy as her to just sit back and let the Empire get on with it. The conversation between Mothma and Hatchi is brilliantly executed with some sharp dialogue by Charles Soule and some excellent visuals from Musebekov. This is a great example of how art can marry up well with solid writing.

Star Wars (2020-) #46 - OPERATION: RESCUE MON MOTHMA!
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