In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #43

A SITH IN THE MIND'S EYE! LUKE SKYWALKER is trapped deep behind enemy lines

Synopsis: In this month’s Star Wars. A SITH IN THE MIND’S EYE! LUKE SKYWALKER is trapped deep behind enemy lines, hunted by a rogue SITH who sees the nascent JEDI KNIGHT as his chance at new ascendancy. How will Luke survive… …and who will he be if he does?


The Story

Having gotten help from  Greta’s Aunt in the last issue. Luke is in his subconscious mind where he faces the demons within a Kyber Crystal and must try to heal the Sith who created it. While within this altered state Luke faces a Sith and begins a journey where he tries to heal them. Ultimately, Luke lives a whole lifetime as he raises the Sith from a baby and tries to heal their every fall and scrape. By the end of the book, Luke finds himself once again facing off against Darth Vader, which ultimately leads to him healing the Crystal.


The Artwork

Jethro Morales and Stephen Cummings do a solid job of the artwork throughout this book as they have to draw a Like Skywalker who is caught up within an altered state of consciousness. Some of my favorite moments come toward the close of the book where we see a series of flashback images from Luke’s first confrontation with Darth Vader as well as his fight with the Wampa. I also loved the sequential visuals that showed Luke as he tried to bring up the Sith and show them a different way.



This is an awesome Star Wars story that gets into the metaphysics of The Force as we see Luke undergo a sort of shamanic journey where he lives an entire lifetime in order to heal the red khyber crystal. I enjoyed the dialogue between Luke and the Sith throughout this story. The Sith has a few memorable bits of dialogue where they talk about the value of their pain and try to justify why they can’t let it go.

Overall. A well-thought-out story.

Star Wars (2020-) #43
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