In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #42 – Sith Rising

SITH RISING! LUKE SKYWALKER knows his destiny is leading him toward a confrontation with DARTH VADER.

Synopsis: SITH RISING! LUKE SKYWALKER knows his destiny is leading him toward a confrontation with DARTH VADER. Vader is a Dark Lord of THE SITH, and Luke is barely even a JEDI. To have any chance at survival, Luke must find a way to train himself in the battle techniques he will soon face. He must find…ANOTHER SITH!


The Story

Having come into possession of a Red Kyber Crystal in the last issue. Luke seeks help from his new friend Greta who belongs to a race of beings that could at one time heal red Kyber Crystals. Luke asks for Greta’s help and pretty soon Greta’s Aunt comes on the scene to offer her help. Luke is hoping that he can heal his Red Kyber Crystal with their help and in doing see if it teaches him a method of maybe turning Darth Vader back to the light side of the force.


The Artwork

Steven Cummings does a solid job with the artwork for this issue. The panel in which we see Luke lying down for the meditation ritual that Greta and her Aunt take him through is well done and staged. We also get some great artwork depicting the world that Luke finds himself in when undergoing the ritual to convert the Kyber Crystal.



Charles Soule continues to put together an interesting lead-in story for Luke’s eventual confrontation with Darth Vader. I enjoyed the idea of Luke maybe finding something out about how to convert Vader to the light side of the force while learning how to turn the Red Kyber Crystals back to their natural colours.

We get left with a fun cliffhanger in which it very much looks like Luke is about to face an opponent within the Crystal who was maybe just as powerful as Vader. I’m looking forward to the next issue to see how this gets resolved.

Star Wars (2020-) #42 - Sith Rising
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