In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #38 – TATOOINE TREASON! – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN!


Synopsis: TATOOINE TREASON! – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN! As the SCOURGE OF THE DROIDS makes its way through the palace of JABBA THE HUTT on Tatooine, LANDO CALRISSIAN is faced with a dire situation as he attempts to save the life of his old friend LOBOT. Their salvation is hidden deep within the palace… …but will they live long enough to find it?


The Story

In his attempt to save his friend Lobot from succumbing to the Imperial programming that is taking over his implants. Lando has taken him to Tatooine in the hopes of reconnecting with the ancient protocol droid that the Rebels used on a prior mission to create new codes for use with their fleet. Since having done that job for The Rebels. The old droid was sold to Jabba’s palace and became Jabba’s protocol droid. Unfortunately, when the droid annoyed Jabba he was scheduled to be destroyed and made into scrap. However, some sort of consciousness has taken control of all the droids in Jabba’s palace and are after the Protocol droid unless Lando and Lobot can get to him first. You see this droid is the only thing that can help Lando’s friend Lobot.


The Artwork

Madibek Musabekov continues to do solid work with the art and provides some fun pages, which include an interesting flashback sequence to one of Lando’s previous adventures with Lobot. This flashback sees Lando looking through a bunch of his old clothes and sees the two men looking to talk themselves into an exclusive club.

We also get a nice sequence in which we see Lando, Lobot and the ancient Protocol Droid trying not to wake up the Rancor as they negotiate a deal.



A pretty solid story, which is obviously set a number of weeks before the events that we see in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi as Lando uses the same outfit to get into Jabba’s palace than the one that he wore in the movie. It will be interesting to see how this all builds up to those events and what will happen once the story moves beyond Jedi. If indeed Marvel chooses to give us a look at these popular characters in the post Jedi world.

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