In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #37 – LOBOT LOST!


Synopsis: LOBOT LOST! – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN! Something has gone horribly wrong with LOBOT, putting the REBELLION at terrible risk! LANDO CALRISSIAN will do anything to save his friend, even if it means betraying the REBELS. Will the SCOURGE OF THE DROIDS destroy any chance to cure Lobot, or will he be lost forever?


The Story

In this second part of the Dark Driods tie-in, which is crossing over multiple titles. Lobot begins to malfunction in a major way as his implants start to mess with the systems on the Rebel Fleet Transport ship. When he is awoken by the ship’s alarm klaxons. Lando checks on Lobot and sees that his implants have gone nuts. In order to stop the ship’s alarms. Lando knocks his friend Lobot out and takes him to be assessed by the medical droid. The droid tells Lando that Lobots implants are old Imperial tech and they have activated because they are looking to be updated. Further to this. If they do not get updates they will kill Lobot in the process of trying to achieve updates. To that end. Lando sets about helping his old friend by planning a visit to Jabba’s palace to get help from the old translator droid that the rebels got help from in an earlier issue.


The Artwork

Madibek Musabekov does a solid job with the artwork. The panels where we see Lobot malfunctioning were really effective. As is the visual build-up to them where we see Lobot sleeping in his cabin. We also get some nice flashback sequences of Lando working a scam with Lobot prior to him taking over the mining operations at Cloud City. The artist does a great job of providing a feel and vibe to the bar where Lobot and Lando are hanging out.



An interesting issue that provides the reason why Lando was on Tatooine when we saw him in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It will be interesting to find out what Lobot’s ultimate fate is as we never saw him in Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars (2020-) #37 - LOBOT LOST!
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