In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #35 – LUKE SKYWALKER…IN THE CLUTHES OF DR. CUATA!


Synopsis: LUKE SKYWALKER…IN THE CLUTHES OF DR. CUATA! The would-be JEDI’S LIGHTSABER is all but destroyed! Enter KYBER CRYSTAL expert DR. CUATA! Only he can repair it…but at what price? Luke’s life will hang in the balance…and only ANOTHER JEDI can save him!


The Story

Having traveled to Planet Christophsis in the last issue and got acquainted with a local woman called Gretta. Luke is taken to see Dr. Cuata who is a scientist that understands and seems to be able to talk to Kyber Crystals. In exchange for Dr. Cuata’s help. Luke must undertake a few tests. The first test is to see if he is able to heal a red Kyber Crystal by drawing all the pain and anger from it. This text leads Luke to have a vision of the Sith who owned the lightsaber from which the Crystal came and she tells Luke that he will not be able to heal the crystal before pushing him out.

The second test sees Luke having to form a link with a young Kyber Crystal, which is new that it is a pure white colour. While linked with this Crystal. Luke has a vision of Yoda, which leads to a conversation between Luke and the Jedi Master, which leaves Luke with more questions than answers. However, due to the wobbly nature of the force, which has been caused by the events in Hidden Empire. Luke is unable to leave the vision easily and must be helped.


The Artwork

Madibek Musabekov does a great job with the art for this issue. I particularly liked the panels that saw Luke link up with the Red Kyber Crystal where he met up with the Sith owner of the Lightsaber that the Red Crystal had come from. I also loved the sequence of panels with Yoda.



This was a really good story in which we get to learn a little more about Kyber Crystals and a Jedi’s relationship with their lightsaber. I really enjoyed the character of Dr. Cuata and the way in which it is established that he is able to communicate with Kyber Crystals and understand what they have to say. I also liked how he put Luke Skywalker to work by getting him to use the force to also link with Kyber Crystals.

Overall. This was a really fun issue.

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