In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #32 – THE FORCE IS BROKEN?


Synopsis: THE FORCE IS BROKEN? The efforts of Lady Qi’ra and Crimson Dawn to destroy the Sith have sent deep ripples running through the Force, disrupting Luke Skywalker’s connection to the deep powers of the galaxy. How far will he go to find what he has lost?


The Story

Having joined the Kezarat colony in the mysterious No Space during the last issue. The Rebels led by Leia are already trying to think of ways to escape from this mysterious sector of space and Chewbacca has an idea. To that end. Lando along with Holdo goes to Captain Blythe to sell him on Chewie’s idea. In short, Chewbacca has figured out that the Nihil used a special engine in order to come and go from No Space. It just so happens that it’s the same type of Engine that Holdo, Leia, and the team used to get into No Space. So now the group heads off on a mission to retrieve their engine from the Platform, which is overrun with the killer droids that the Nihil left behind. Meanwhile, Luke struggles with his connection with the force, which lands him in trouble when he tries to retrieve an old Jedi book.


The Artwork

Madibek Musabekov gets to draw some pretty decent action beats here, which feature toward the close of the comic. However, the talking heads bits which lead up to the action beats provide some fun and interesting micro expressions from the various characters. Particularly Chewbacca when he figures out that he has a workable plan to help everyone get out of No Space.

By far the best image in this book is on the final page where we see a robot holding onto Luke who has lost his connection to the force and is looking rather panicked.



This is a fairly fun issue and is definitely building to what will be an interesting end to the story, which depicts all the events that happened prior to Return of The Jedi. I only hope that Marvel and their writers will give us the adventures of our favorite heroes in a post-Return of The Jedi world to fill in the gaps left between Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Overall. This continues to be a fun series to read.

Star Wars (2020-) #32 - THE FORCE IS BROKEN?
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