In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #25

A Celebration across the Galaxy for STAR WARS' 25th issue! With stories set from the Prequel to the Sequel eras
Star Wars

Synopsis: A Celebration across the Galaxy for STAR WARS’ 25th issue! With stories set from the Prequel to the Sequel eras, experience new tales of OBI-WAN & ANAKIN, DARTH VADER, POE DAMERON and KYLO REN.


The Stories

This special collection includes four short stories set within the prequel and sequel eras. The first two stories share the same title and tell the same story but from different points of view. Titled ‘The Lesson’ these first two stories see a young Anakin Skywalker asking why the Jedi choose the lightsaber when so many other weapons can be made out of khyber crystals. Obi-Wan who is teaching the young padawan tells his apprentice that the Lightsaber needs a degree of skill and intent to use correctly. And explains why it is the weapon of choice by the Galaxies Jedi.

In the second part. We see the Emperor Fighting Darth Vader with a lightsaber but telling Vader that the Lightsaber is not his only weapon. And accuses Vader of fighting too much like a Jedi.

The Third story is set shortly after events seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and sees Kylo Ren visiting the planet Ahch-To in search of Luke Skywalker and is called ‘See You Around Kid.’ 

While the final story, which is titled ‘A Eulogy For Snap’ commemorates one of the unsung heroes of the final movie in the Skywalker saga. In this story, Poe Dameron has gathered together with what is left of his squadron to commemorate the life of his wingman Snap Wexley.


The Artwork

We get artwork from four different artists across all four stories. And it’s all great work. Ramon Rosanas opens up proceedings with some nice work on part one of ‘The Lesson’ in which we see Obi-Wan explain to Anakin why the Jedi chose the Lightsaber as their weapon of choice. Although the action in this story was kind of restrained. It’s the micro-expressions on the character’s faces that really help sell this story.

In contrast. Part two of The Lesson has much more movement to it as we see a rather aggressive duel between Palpatine and Darth Vader. Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli makes great use of the outer area of Darth Vader’s castle as we see Vader get his butt kicked by Palpatine. Additionally, Arif Prianto’s colors really add to the drama.

For ‘See you Around Kid’ artist Will Sliney does a wonderful job of bringing the Planet Ahch-To to the page. I loved how the artist managed to make the planet feel somehow haunted via Kylo Ren’s facial expressions changing when he realizes that Luke Skywalker is not there. Yet there is definitely still a presence on the planet.

‘A Eulogy For Snap’ is the final and most static story in regards to the action or lack thereof. As it is pretty much Poe Dameron and his team remembering their fallen comrade. Artist Phil Noto does some really solid work as he captures the facial expressions of the grieving wife of Snap and the shared sadness between the pilots.



With Star Wars #25. Charles Soule brings some really nice stories to the table, which do a good job of expanding on established chapters within the Skywalker saga. The two strongest stories for me were parts one and two of The Lesson. I particularly enjoyed the art and colors in the Darth Vader part of that story.

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