In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #22 THE DAWN ALLIANCE – PART 1 OF 3

THE DAWN ALLIANCE – PART 1 OF 3 "The Last Division" The time has come for THE REBEL ALLIANCE fleet to bring its final lost division home…

Synopsis: THE DAWN ALLIANCE – PART 1 OF 3 “The Last Division” The time has come for THE REBEL ALLIANCE fleet to bring its final lost division home… but to do it, LEIA ORGANA, MON MOTHMA and the other Alliance leaders will need to rely on intelligence provided by the notoriously untrustworthy criminal organization CRIMSON DAWN. Meanwhile, Starlight Squadron and a group of rogue PATHFINDERS led by KES DAMERON head out on an unauthorized rescue mission to save one of their own…!


The Story

This is the first of a three-part story that will lead directly into the events that we saw in Return Of The Jedi. As readers will know. Leia and her Rebels lost quite a bit of the Rebel Fleet much earlier in the story and over the course of the series have been trying to reconnect with it.

When she gets a visit from Qi’ra. Leia is intrigued and a little suspicious of why Qi’ra is so keen to help the rebel alliance. But the offer of finding the last remnants of the Rebel Fleet is too good to pass up. As is the intel about Commander Zahra and The Tarkins Will. 

Meanwhile, following up on events in last month’s issue. Kes Dameron and Starlight Squadron have mounted an unauthorized and daring rescue mission to rescue his wife. What could possibly go wrong?


The Artwork

Ramon Rosanas does a pretty solid job of the artwork and manages to hit most of the character likenesses except for one. We get a look at a younger version of Holdo who was played by Laura Dern in The Last Jedi. However, the character that Rosansas draws who is only seen briefly looks nothing like Laura Dern. Whether this is due to some sort of copyright issue surrounding the actor’s likeness being used in a comic. I do not know. But it seemed a bit off given that every other character looks pretty close to the actors that portrayed them.

Other than that one minor issue. Rosanas continues to nail every other aspect. We even get a glimpse of Jabba’s palace when we see Chewie training himself for the mission to rescue his buddy Han Solo.



A solid start to the final mini-arc that will build right into the events seen in Return of The Jedi. I really enjoyed the dialogue exchanges between Leia and Qi’ra as the two pretty much play a bit of verbal chess as they take the measure of each other.

I also loved the brief training sequence of Chewie trying to mount a rescue of Han Solo.

It will almost be a shame to see this series come to a close as it has been a truly enjoyable ride. But I am hopeful that Marvel will do a series set immediately in the wake of Return of The Jedi.

Overall. A real good opening chapter with an exciting cliffhanger.

Star Wars (2020-) #22 THE DAWN ALLIANCE – PART 1 OF 3
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