In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #20 DANGEROUS LESSONS!

DANGEROUS LESSONS! LUKE SKYWALKER has found a key piece of instruction in his journey along the JEDI path

Synopsis: DANGEROUS LESSONS! LUKE SKYWALKER has found a key piece of instruction in his journey along the JEDI path – the voice of his teacher, JEDI MASTER YODA. But the lesson Luke must learn will not be taught by Yoda, and it will take – and give – more than the young Skywalker could ever have imagined.


The Story

Having found a Jedi Holocron in the previous issue. Luke is somewhat disappointed that the lessons he finds on the ancient device is one of the final lessons her received from Yoda before he left Dagobah. However, when he throws the Holocron away Master Yoda pops up with some further information. He lists three planets where the force is more sharply focused. Armed with this information Luke proceeds to head to the sea of Gazian where he meets the shadow of a past Jedi Master Elzar Mann who sympathizes with Luke’s position. Elzar tells Luke about his life and explains that the Gazian Sea takes an imprint of every person that visits. He also offers Luke some advice to not be so hard on himself because no one ever gets things right the first time.


The Artwork

Marco Castiello does a fantastic job of drawing the Gazian Sea. I loved the series of panels in which we sea Luke get swallowed by the Sea, which leads into his meeting with Elzar Mann. Also, I thought the drawing of the holographic Yoda at the start of the issue was pretty cool. We also get a nice image of all the Jedi’s that have previously been imprinted by the Gazian Sea.



Another fun chapter in Luke Skywalkers journey to becoming the young Jedi Knight that we wind up eventually meeting in Star Wars: Return of The Jedi. I really enjoyed Luke’s exasperation with the Holocron not initially giving him the lessons that he wanted. But also liked the introduction of Elzar Mann and the conversation that he winds up having with Luke. Especially the part where Mann explains that the Jedi Order has always had to adapt to the times and has never remained the same.

Star Wars (2020-) #20 DANGEROUS LESSONS!
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