In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #19


Synopsis: This month on Star Wars. LUKE’S QUEST FOR ANSWERS TAKES A DANGEROUS TURN! As the REBELLION tries to pull itself together for a last-ditch effort to defeat the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE, LUKE SKYWALKER realizes it is time for his journey to becoming a JEDI to continue. After near-death at the hands of DARTH VADER, he knows he has much to learn if he will ever defeat the DARK LORD OF THE SITH. But the JEDI ORDER is gone, and his teachers have vanished… where can Luke turn to find the Jedi legacy he so desperately needs?


The Story

The Rebel Fleet has most reassembled and plans are being made to hit back at The Empire. However, Luke Skywalker is still a little shaken after his last confrontation with Darth Vader on Jekara. He feels that he must rededicate himself to finding out about the Jedi and becoming one with the force. Acting on information that R2D2 managed to obtain from an imperial computer. Luke sets out on his search for answers. After visiting several planets. His journey takes him to the river moon of Al’doleem where he finds a few answers.


The Artwork

Marco Castiello provides some solid artwork for this issue. I really loved the shot of Luke in the cockpit of his X-Wing as well as the various planetscapes we see. I particularly loved the sequence of panels where he is flying over the ruins of Am’balaar and finds the small town. The art for the town looks really nice and very star wars in that it is beaten up and lived in.

I also loved the artwork where Coli tells Luke the story about how a Jedi called Kirak saved his life.



This is a really enjoyable start for a new story arc for Luke Skywalker. We get a great opening where Mon Mothma and Admiral Akbar are addressing the rebel fleet. I also enjoyed how reference was made to the syndicate wars, which has been triggered thanks to events in the first issue of Crimson Reign.

I loved how well Luke is written. Soule does a great job of highlighting Luke’s struggle to let go of his doubt and trust in the force. Also, we get a really nice cliffhanger.


Star Wars (2020-) #19
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