In Review: Star Wars (2020-) #12 – REFLECTIONS ON THE LOST!

Learn the real reason HAN SOLO is so important to THE REBELLION!

Synopsis: In Reflections on the Lost! LEIA ORGANA and KES DAMERON share stories of their lost loves! Learn how POE DAMERON’S parents met! Learn the real reason HAN SOLO is so important to THE REBELLION!


The Story

With Shara stuck on a Star Destroyer. Kes Dameron is keen to hear from her as soon as she reports in. But to kills some time. He heads to one of his favorite spots on board their transport. However, it turns out to be a spot that he shares with General Leia. As Kes and Leia agree to share their spot in the observation lounge. The two rebel soldiers share stories about their lost loves. Firstly, Kes talks about how a spot of gambling on a dangerous racing competition led to him meeting the pilot that allowed him to win some money. The pilot being Shara Bey.

For her part. Leia talks about how Han Solo’s dislike of the cold helped save her and the entire rebellion when his ship happened to have a spare part that the rebellion needed to fix the heating at Echo Base.


The Artwork

Ramon Rosanas provides some fantastic artwork for this issue. I particularly loved the way he illustrated the race that Shara Bey was involved in on the Gambling planet where Kes first meets her. He manages to capture the visceral excitement and danger of the race. But also captures the people’s excitement within the gambling establishment where Kes and his friends are taking some time out.

Also, good was the depiction of Hoth and Echo Base and Han and Chewie’s efforts to fix the bases heating.



‘Reflections on the Lost!’ does a brilliant job of giving us some backstory for Han Solo, who we’ll not see a great deal of in this ongoing series because he is frozen in carbonite and probably mounted on Jabba’s wall by now. Charles Soule spins an interesting story, which fills in some character details for Han. But also manages to give us more of a backstory for the Dameron’s whose young son Poe has a big future ahead of him.

Overall. A fun read.

Star Wars (2020-) #12 - REFLECTIONS ON THE LOST!
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