In Review: Star Wars 11 & 12

Stuart Immonen along with the rest of the current creative team simply got these two issues of the newest Star Wars comic right!

From Marvel Comics and the creative team of Jason Aaron (writer), Stuart Immonen (artist), Wade Von Grawbadger (inker) & Justin Ponsor (colorist), Star Wars 11 & 12 are superb issues which tie up the adventure of Luke Skywalker’s quest to find the lost secrets of his father’s long dead Jedi order on Nar Shadaa, the infamous Smuggler’s Moon.

What is so very about this current story arc is not only a great story with interesting plots and twists, but the ways in which the creative team is able to bring to life the breath and feeling of the original Star Wars film. Choosing to have Luke wear his ceremonial yellow jacket and costume from the end of A New Hope makes it feel as if the reader is being transported to an as of yet corner of the Star Wars universe.

Likewise, Jason Aaron’s story arc introduced the long lost wife and/or fellow smuggler and all around trustworthy Sana which served to give the Nerf Herding Solo interesting character development, while also pitting Chewbacca against the Bounty Hunter Dengar, who was not officially introduced until The Empire Strikes Back.

And as if this were not enough, the story also sees the powerful yet young and untrained Luke thrown into the deadly gladiatorial arena of Grakkus the Hutt, who is himself fascinated by and a collector of all things Jedi. A fact that has compelled and attracted the young and Master-less self-taught padawan to the Smuggler’s Moon.

Specifically however it is the dynamic and compelling art of the jedi-like illustrator, Stuart Immonen, that simply served to enthrall and completely entertain me both visually as well as from the perspective of a Star Wars fan. He along with the rest of the current creative team simply got these two issues of the newest Star Wars comic right!

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