In Review: Star Trek: Year Five #22

For five years, the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew have journeyed to the edge of the known universe, tackling impossible challenges and menacing foes along the way.

Synopsis: For five years, the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew have journeyed to the edge of the known universe, tackling impossible challenges and menacing foes along the way. But the biggest challenge of all awaits them here at home… and no matter what happens, the lives of Captain Kirk and his crew will be changed forever.


The Story

The Enterprise has returned home after five years of exploring deep space. They return to an Earth that is dealing with the ramifications of the mission that saw them rescuing Bright Eyes. The newly recruited Tholian Cadet in Starfleet. Indeed, the fuse to an intergalactic war is short. While Captain Kirk attends to some personal business. Mr. Spock, Lt Uhura, and Engineer Montgomery Scott stand before Starfleet officials to explain their actions. Only, what is supposed to be a briefing turns into an interrogation as Ambassador Renei tries to undermine them with her isolationist agenda.

While all this is happening. Gary Seven and the Tholian’s put their plan into action. A plan that involves them surrounding five major worlds of The Federation. The war has begun.


The Artwork

Stephen Thompson does a great job on the artwork for this issue, which has a lot of great characters moments. The panels concerning Bright Eye’s becoming a Cadet were really sweet and a nice touch. Especially given that the little Tholian has proved to be really helpful.

Perhaps my favorite moment. This is the artwork that Thompson manages to conjure up for the moment in this book where Spock tells Kirk he is leaving Starfleet. The artist manages to convey Kirk’s reaction to this news brilliantly. It’s like a physical blow to the Enterprise Captain who feels somewhat betrayed. This moment was nicely telegraphed in the last issue where Spock ultimately decides to undergo the Kolinahr. A decision he came to when seeing first hand how close ancient Vulcan came to destroying itself before the great purge. Thompson does a great job of staging this moment, which in turn makes Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing’s dialogue for the two friends so much more effective.



Kelly and Lanzing do a brilliant job on this issue. It felt very much like an episode of the TV show as the character interactions were so consistent with how they’d have been performed. Also, the return of Ambassador Renei of Andoria as well as Gary Seven and the Tholian attack add that extra element of tension to the proceedings. Which makes for a fantastic cliffhanger. Bring on issue 23.

Star Trek: Year Five #22
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