In Review: Star Trek: Year Five #21

With Spock still missing, the crew of the Enterprise needs to figure out where—and when—he is
Star Trek

Synopsis: This month on Star Trek: Year Five. With Spock still missing, the crew of the Enterprise needs to figure out where—and when—he is if they want to save the future! Meanwhile, on Vulcan, Spock is faced with a choice that won’t only change his life, but Vulcan society as he knows it!


The Story

Picking up from where last month left off. Spock has found himself thrown back to ancient Vulcan time during the time of Surak. Unfortunately, Spock has found himself caught in the middle of the conflict and must try to mitigate any damage to the timeline. Elsewhere, The Enterprise has been attacked by Vulcan ships. While trying to get away from these ships. The Enterprise crew is also trying to figure out what has happened to Spock.

Just as things begin to look really bad for Kirk and his crew. Gary Seven makes a sudden appearance and offers Kirk a solution. However, Seven warns Kirk that his help in this matter does not mean that they are friends.


The Artwork

Silvia Califano’s artwork continues to impress throughout this issue. I particularly enjoyed the sequence of panels where we see Spock mind-meld with Surak. This mind-meld allows for some flashback images to Spock’s childhood as well as his early career with Starfleet. Also, good was the close-up work of Surak and Spock’s eyes while they were within the meld.

Added to this. I also quite enjoyed the sudden appearance of Gary Seven on the Bridge of the Enterprise. The art panels in which we glimpse Checkov and Sulu looking to take Gary Seven on has a brilliant sense of movement to them.



Brandon M. Easton does a fine job of wrapping this story up. But It’s a shame that he couldn’t get another issue out of it. Especially given that it has such an impact on Spock’s character and leads towards Spock’s decision to embrace total logic. In fact. The character arc that Spock goes through in this story leads nicely toward where Spock is at in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Gary Sevens’ appearance in this issue was quite dramatic and only added to the fun. Although, I am a bit concerned with where this particular aspect of Year Five is going. Particularly, given that Gary Seven is a favorite character of mine from the original Star Trek series. And I’d not want to see him being Kirks’ enemy forever. So I do hope it gets resolved.

Star Trek: Year Five #21
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