In Review: Star Trek: Year Five #16

Election season is in full swing across the Federation, and even though it seems ridiculous, Harry Mudd is rising to the top of the polls!

Synopsis: This month on Star Trek: Year Five. Election season is in full swing across the Federation, and even though it seems ridiculous, Harry Mudd is rising to the top of the polls! The crew of the Enterprise suspects that there’s more to Mudd’s game than just wanting to do his civic duty, and their investigation will uncover a rot that threatens the entire Federation from the inside.


The Story

While visiting Andor to investigate the Originalist movement. Kirk and crew encounter Harry Mudd who is running for Federation President as the Originalist candidate. Furthermore, Gary Seven, who has his own mission to undermine the Federation is vouching for Mudd. While contemplating what an Originalist leader would mean. Kirk reflects on his Five Year Mission. He is soon brought to the present when Scotty comes to him with a clever plan. A plan that will lead to undermining Mudd’s campaign.



As with last month’s issue. The artist has chosen to run with the Rainn Wilson version of Harry Mudd from Star Trek: Discovery. Which sort of undermines the fact that this comic is an original series era book set during the final year of Captain Kirk’s mission. Rainn Wilson aside all else in the book looks fine. I loved the sequence with Gary Seven, which kind of bookends the story. Indeed having Gary Seven as an enemy to the Federation is an intriguing plot thread. Added to which, Silvia Califano redeems her mistake with Harry Mudd by doing an accurate interpretation of Gary Seven’s likeness.



Jodie Houser does a pretty good job of wrapping up Harry Mudd’s involvement with the Originalist. But she leaves things open enough to keep things interesting in the months ahead. I loved the twist involving Bright Eyes being the source of Scotty’s plan to undermine Mudd. I  also loved the brief sequence at the start of the story where Kirk contemplates a possible future where Five Year missions are a thing of the past.

Overall. A really strong issue with a lot of connective tissue for future political intrigues as The Enterprise slowly journeys back to Earth.


You can purchase a digital copy of this book as well as back issues at ComiXology.

Star Trek: Year Five #16
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