In Review: Star Trek: Year Five #11

Gary Seven and Isis the cat make a return visit to the Enterprise

Synopsis: With the Federation border in sight, a villain revealed will subject Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to their most dangerous challenge yet—where everything comes to a head in a battle for the fate of the five-year mission!


The Story

Having recovered from his Coma Kirk is now ready to take back command of the ship and his first job is to speak with Spock about the last mission and make recommendations based on Spock’s report. Spock feels he botched the mission, but Kirk thinks otherwise.

As hinted at the end of issue 8. Gary Seven and his Cat Isis make their return, but this time their mission is not one that Kirk and the crew can help with. For this mission Gary Seven must get Kirk out of the way, and if that means killing him. So be it. It is not a decision that he takes likely and as he proceeds to take over the Enterprise. The standoff between Gary Seven and Captain Kirk becomes more and more inevitable, but this time Gary Seven is the villain.


The Artwork

Stephen Thompson does a fine job with the artwork. I particularly enjoyed how he managed to convey the movement of Isis the cat and Gary Seven, which had my cat who looks similar to Isis because she is also a black cat whacking my computer screen, which is something she doesn’t normally do. I particularly enjoyed the sequence toward the end of the comic when Kirk is evacuating the crew and making ready for his face to face with Gary Seven.

All the character likenesses are well-drawn as is the small Tholian that they have on board who has been referred to as Bright Eyes throughout the comic and is apparently a part of Gary Sevens’ mission.



This was a great first chapter for the final story within this year-long arc. Both Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing do a great job of conveying the story and their ideas. I really enjoyed how they had Gary Seven comparing Kirk initially to Odesuius, but by the end of the book when they come into a conflict that viewpoint changes. Gary Seven was a favorite character of mine from the original series. So it is fun to see a story in which he is now at odds with Kirk.

This is a great start to a story that will resolve over the next few issues. The question is what will Kirk and Gary Seven come up with that will allow them both to continue on their respective missions. What compromise will have to be made? I can’t wait to find out.

Star Trek: Year Five #11
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