In Review: Star Trek: Voyager—Seven’s Reckoning #3 (of 4)

Overall. A solid penultimate issue, which sets the table for next month's finale. 

Synopsis: This month on Voyager. What has gone from a long-simmering conflict has exploded into an all-out war. Seven of Nine has chosen her side, but even with her help, victory is not assured, and what will it mean for her place in the crew of Voyager when the dust finally settles?


The Story

Continuing from last month. Seven of Nine has knocked out a few officers on board Voyager in order to continue to help the Vesh in their rebellion. In this penultimate issue. Things come to a head as Greeb leads his people in a seemingly hopeless fight. Outnumbered and under the boot heels of his oppressors the Kz’ar. Greeb contemplates surrender. But Seven of Nine uncovers a hidden truth, which when revealed could redefine the status quo and change the balance of things. Will Greeb and his people have the courage to follow their rebellion through. Will an accord be made?


The Artwork

Angel Hernandez continues to solidify his status as one of the best artists when it comes to drawing Star Trek comics. The likenesses of the characters aside. The action set-pieces of the riots led by Greeb are brilliantly done. Furthermore, the page layouts and panel work do a fantastic job of lending a sense of historic occasion to things. After all. This is history being made for the Vesh people.

Also, I really loved the sense of awe and discovery that the artist was managed to capture when Seven of Nine discovers the hidden truths when she and Greeb uncover the hidden artifacts.



A fantastic penultimate issue. Some great character moments for Seven of Nine as she helps lead a rebellion. A fantastic sense of an alien race and its history being played out.

I loved the speech that the Kz’ar leader makes and how it very much mirrors similar speeches that we have heard throughout history. Although the allegorical nature of this story may be quite obvious. It is done really well and you really find yourself caring for these characters as they fight their fight and make their case.

Overall. A solid penultimate issue, which sets the table for next month’s finale.


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Star Trek: Voyager—Seven’s Reckoning #3 (of 4)
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