In Review: Star Trek: Voyager—Seven’s Reckoning #1 (of 4)

A new Voyager story, which focuses on Seven of Nine

Synopsis: After Voyager encounters a damaged alien ship deep in the Delta quadrant, what at first seems to be a simple repair mission becomes much more complicated for Seven of Nine as she becomes involved in an ancient conflict that will put her newfound humanity to the test.


The Story

When the USS Voyager picks up what appears to be a distress call. They find themselves investigating a strange alien ship, which has been traversing the stars for over 900 years. As they go deeper into the ship, which is a huge craft. They find what appear to be cryogenic pods, which awakens one of the aliens that is guarding the ship. The Alien requests an audience with Captain Janeway and a deal is struck. Voyager will help with repairs in exchange for supplies. Janeway assigns Seven of Nine to help with repairing the ship’s warp core. Helping Seven with the task is one of the aliens who is called Greeb. This Greeb tells Seven that she is on board what he calls a narrative ship. While helping with repairs. Seven is struck by the brutality of this alien race’s social mores and culture.

Additionally, Seven is concerned for Greeb and her work crew who are not getting enough food or being supplied with protective gear for what is a dangerous job. She is further concerned by the lack of concern from the upper classes of this alien culture.



Angel Hernandez does a great job of the artwork in this book. He gets the likenesses of the main characters bang on. But it is the artistic designs that the Voyager crew find on the walls of the ship that really stand out. Overall. Really strong art that doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to details.



This opening issue of ‘Sevens Reckoning’ sets the stage nicely. It is obviously set during Seven’s early days onboard Voyager, which is consistent with how stilted her dialogue is written. I really enjoyed the story set up and the initial investigation of the ship. It felt very much like how an episode of Voyager would have started and nicely fits somewhere into what may have been a missing adventure from the show’s fourth season.


You can pick up a digital copy of Star Trek Voyager: Sevens Reckoning here at Comixology.


Star Trek: Voyager—Seven’s Reckoning #1 (of 4)
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