In Review: Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Echoes #5 (of 5)

Peace hangs in the balance with Akris and the Romulans’ plans to test the devastating Nightbringer weapon

Synopsis: In this final issue of Echoes, Peace hangs in the balance with Akris and the Romulans’ plans to test the devastating Nightbringer weapon on an innocent population and with the Enterprise crew’s actions treading the line of the Federation-Romulan peace treaty.


The Story

With Uhura’s double having gone rogue in the last issue. Things get dangerous close to a full-blown war as Spock is forced to fire on the Romulan ship that is transporting the Nightbringer Weapon. Adding to the jeopardy is the fact that Dr. McCoy needs to get access to Akris so he can get samples of his DNA and Blood to save the life of Chekov who is critically close to death in Sickbay. Meanwhile on the Romulan vessel Kirk and the prime universe version of Uhura do what they can to buy time for Spock and the Enterprise crew. Will the Enterprise be able to save an innocent planet from destruction and will McCoy be able to save Chekov’s life?

All of these questions get answered in this thrilling final issue.


The Artwork

Oleg Chudakov and DC Alonso continue to do some solid work with the artwork. However, some of the character likenesses do slip out every now and again when drawn from particular angles. But the work on the backgrounds of the Enterprise and Romulan ship interiors more than makeup for the wobbly likenesses of the characters. I loved the sequence of panels where we see Sulu on the planet’s surface as he desperately tries to defend himself against a bunch of Romulans who are guarding the Nightbringer weapon.

Overall. The art is fairly solid throughout and there wasn’t really that much about it that ruined my enjoyment of the story.



Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Echoes has been a fun Star Trek Adventure that I truly enjoyed. I loved seeing a story involving the Crew just after Star Trek: The Motion Picture and I loved that they used the Romulans and parallel universe versions of two of Kirk’s famous crew. The alternative version of Uhura was particularly well written and I enjoyed her warning to Kirk in the final few pages of the issue because it works as good foreshadowing for the events we saw in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Echoes #5 (of 5)
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