In Review: Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Echoes #2 (of 5)

With the fugitive criminal Akris having escaped into Romulan space, Nyota and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise must quickly devise a plan

Synopsis: This month in Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Echoes. With the fugitive criminal Akris having escaped into Romulan space, Nyota and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise must quickly devise a plan if they’re to prevent an allyship between the agent of chaos from a parallel universe and one of the Federation’s most dangerous enemies.


The Story

Having made contact with Uhura’s doppelganger from a parallel universe in last month’s issue. The crew of the Enterprise led by Captain Kirk gets sucked into helping her in pursuit of the criminal from her reality. But unfortunately for them. Akris who bares a striking resemblance to Enterprise Security Chief Chekov has crossed over to the Romulan side of the neutral zone. Knowing that they cannot legally cross the Neutral Zone. Kirk hatches a plan in which he suggests that General Uhura take him, hostage. Steal a shuttle and cross into the Neutral Zone in hopes of getting to the nearest Romulan space station where Akris is likely being held. Joining Kirk and the General are Uhura, Checkov, and Sulu. The plan is to get Akris’s weapon and take Akris prisoner.


The Artwork

As with last month’s issue Oleg Chudakov’s work on character likenesses can be a little ropey from certain angles. We get our first look at Akris in this issue and he does look like a slightly older Chekov and carries himself with a little more confidence, which is something that you’d expect of any good villain. I really liked the art in the panels where Kirk and his crew go over their plan while on the shuttle. I loved the panel where we see the Romulan Bird of Prey decloak behind Kirks Shuttle.



Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes continues to give us another take on a couple of classic Trek characters from another alternate timeline. It’s a solid story with lots of action and a few really fun moments.  Marc Guggenheim does a great job of capturing the voices of the various characters. I particularly enjoyed his take on Captain Kirk as well as how he managed to capture Chekov’s distinctive accent.

It will be great to see the alternate universe that General Uhura and Akris come from in a future issue. But given that the run is only for five issues. I’m not sure if Guggenheim will have enough room to cover that. But if this were to become an ongoing Star Trek series that takes place between STMP and Wrath of Khan. Am pretty sure that Guggenheim and some other writers and artists could get plenty of mileage out of that.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Echoes #2 (of 5)
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