In Review: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds—The Illyrian Enigma #3 (of 4)

Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise delve deeper into the mystery surrounding the Illyrians!

Synopsis: This month in The Illyrian Enigma. Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise delve deeper into the mystery surrounding the Illyrians! With the fate of Number One at stake, a secret is revealed that will shake the Federation to its core!


The Story

With Spock having been kidnapped and genetically modified by  Captain Da-Kil in the last issue. Captain Christopher Pike and his crew attempt to track Da-Kil’s ship as they head toward the uninhabitable Illyrian Homeworld. On the planet’s surface Spock has changed form into a rock person and finds a statue of a Vulcan, but why would there be a statue of a Vulcan on ILLyria and why wasn’t it recorded in Vulcan history? While trying to find these answers. Spock finds himself inside the body of another Vulcan as he experiences past events.

Meanwhile, in orbit around Illyria. Pike after having spoken to Captain Da-Kil risks his life by taking a shuttle to the planet’s surface to rescue Spock.


The Artwork

The Art Team puts together a great series of panels for this issue. The panels where we see the stone version of Spock walking on Illyria are brilliantly done and beautiful to look at. But its the transition from that to the parts where Spock is in the body of another Vulcan on Illyria before it became uninhabitable that are so good. I loved the combination of domed structures with more traditionally shaped buildings combined with the hint of a monorail system. It’s a very 1960s-looking vision of the future. I also loved the ancient Vulcans riding around Illyria on Seylats.



This penultimate issue does a great job of setting things up for next month’s finale, which will probably see Pike and the crew head off to Vulcan to find out what involvement the Vulcans had in the fate of the Illyrian planet. But will they also be able to solve the Illyrian Enigma and find a way to clear the Enterprise’s First Officer?



Star Trek: Strange New Worlds—The Illyrian Enigma #3 (of 4)
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