In Review: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (S2 – EP4) – Among the Lotus Eaters

Returning to a planet that dredges up tragic memories, Captain Pike and his landing party find themselves forgetting everything

Synopsis: In Among the Lotus Eaters, Returning to a planet that dredges up tragic memories, Captain Pike and his landing party find themselves forgetting everything, including their own identities as he confronts a ghost from his past.


The Story

When the Enterprise is tasked with investigating a case of cultural contamination on Rigel VII. It dredges up some pretty intense memories for Captain Pike. Knowing that the indigenous Kalar on the planet is a warrior race that could likely give the Klingons a run for their money. Pike assigns La’an and Dr. M’Benga to his away team as he knows both officers can handled themselves when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. 

When they land on Rigel VII. The away team finds that they seem to be gradually losing the memory of who they are. After a few hours of walking Pike and his team are captured by some Kalar palace guards and are taken to the Kalar leader. To Pike’s utter surprise, the leader of the Kalar is a former officer from his previous mission there called Zac Nguyen. Sore about having been left behind by Pike on the previous mission. Zack puts Pike and his team to work in the quarry. Over time Pike and the team completely lose their memories, but their emotional memories about their purpose remain intact. Spurred on by a higher purpose Pike and his team try and figure out how to get their memories back and have a little help from another Kalar called Luq who tells them of a mysterious box in the palace. 

Meanwhile, in orbit around Rigel VII. The entire crew of the Enterprise begins to lose their memories.



Anson Mount puts in a solid performance as we see shades of the Captain Pike that we saw the late Jeffrey Hunter play in the original Star Trek series pilot The Cage, which was also the first reference to Rigel VII. In the episode we see Pike having to wrestle with the burden of command, which gets explored through Pike’s actions on the planet and his regret about unknowingly having left someone behind on his prior mission to Rigel VII, which only lasted about 4 hours.

We also get a solid performance from Melissa Navia as Lt. Erica Ortegas. In the episode, Erica is looking forward to her first away mission. But her hopes and dreams get quashed when Spock brings news that they need their best pilot to stay on the ship. But it’s Navia’s performance of a scared Erica who has forgotten who she is that really impressed me.  Also, the moment when the ship’s computer tells Erica she is the pilot was brilliant as we see Ortegas recapture her bravado despite having no memory of who she is. 



Among the Lotus Eaters was a solid episode that draws on Star Trek’s storied past with regard to Rigel VII to bring us more information about the Kalar race and who they are. I loved seeing the drama of all the ship’s crew losing their memories and the emotional journey that they all go on in their quest to figure things out. Although, Among the Lotus Eaters is not the strongest episode we have seen. It was a fun one that had some good twists to it.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (S2 - EP4) - Among the Lotus Eaters
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