In Review: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (S2 – EP3) – Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

La'an travels back in time to 21st-century Earth to prevent an attack that will alter humanity's future history.

Synopsis: In Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, La’an travels back in time to 21st-century Earth to prevent an attack that will alter humanity’s future history.


The Story

When a strange turns up on the Enterprise with a bullet wound and a cryptic message. La’an finds herself whisked off to an alternate universe where Captain Kirk is in command of the Enterprise and there is no Federation. Pretty soon after both La’an and this alternate version of Kirk find themselves in Canada during the mid-21st century. All La’an knows is that she has to stop an attack from taking place, which if it does could change the fate of humanity forever. All La’an is told by the mysterious time traveler is, “Get to the Bridge”. When a Bridge blows up in 21st-century Canada. La’an and Kirk launch an investigation that uncovers an alien plot.


The Acting

Christina Chong carries this episode as La’an is thrown into a mission that truly tests her on both a personal and professional level. She gets a little help from the returning Paul Wesley who plays another alternate timeline version of Captain James T. Kirk. Only in this instance his particular timeline, which does not have a Federation of planets or even a habitable version of Earth is not supposed to exist. Chong and Wesley create fun chemistry between La’an and Kirk as we see the famous Captain show off his devil-may-care attitude in order to help get the mission completed. Of course, Kirk’s recklessness does cause its fair share of hurdles. One is a run-in with local law enforcement, which they get a little help with from a photographer called Venessa (Adelaide Kane) who isn’t who she claims to be. (You’ll have to watch the episode to find out more).

Carol Kane gets to bring in some more fun as Enterprise’s new Engineering Chief Pelia who has a past that includes the theft of valuable paintings from The Louvre. This little detail becomes a key plot point in the episode when La’an and Kirk pay Pelia a visit in the 21st century so they can tap her engineering brain.



This was a fun time travel episode, which sets up an alternate timeline where the Eugenics Wars take place during the 21st century instead of in the 1990s as was revealed in the Original series. But as a way to explore La’an’s tenuous relationship with her Ancestry. The episode manages to give a pretty nice balance of drama, action, and comedy. Although the revolving door gag wasn’t all that funny. Both Chong and Wesley do a fairly good job of carrying the story. And we get an interesting villain in the form of Vanessa.

There is no doubt this episode will likely create a fair few debates in the fanbase about timelines and time travel and what is canon and what isn’t. This will likely cause quite a few workplace water coolers to explode as the various complexities being discussed heat up.

As for my take. I found the episode reasonably entertaining and thought it was okay. But it’s not the best that this show has to offer by any stretch of the imagination. As last week’s episode has really set a high bar.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (S2 - EP3) - Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
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