In Review: Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #4

What do you get when you cross three of the Federation’s most celebrated sons with a misguided god?

Synopsis: What do you get when you cross three of the Federation’s most celebrated sons with a misguided god? An alternate reality full of lessons that may be just what the doctor ordered. But with Jake Sisko’s enrollment in the Pennington School, Alexander Rozhenko’s prison sentence, and Nog’s first Starfleet posting all fast approaching, they’ll have to move fast to defeat the Breen once and for all if they’re to convince Q Jr. to return them to their home reality.


The Story

With Captain Dukat dead. Command of the U.S.S. Chimera switches to Commander Beckett Mariner who has some tough choices to make as they prepare to confront The Breen, but also has the additional mission of helping Q Junior, Jake Sisko, Nog, and Alexander Rozhenko get back home. To that end, Q Junior hatches a theory that in order to get his powers back he must apologise to Alexander, Nog and Jake, but only a heartfelt and meaningful apology will work.

In the process of their time served on the U.S.S. Chimera. Nog, Alexander, and Jake have learned some very valuable life lessons that they hope to carry forward with them when they get back home.


The Artwork

Angel Hernandez delivers the goods in this issue and closes out the book with some great panels where Q Junior is reunited with his father. But best of all are the panels that depict the action where we see several Breen beam aboard The Chimera and find themselves meeting their maker.



Morgan Hampton has delivered a compelling and fun Star Trek story with Sons of Star Trek. I loved the interactions between Nog, Jake and Alexander and I also loved how well handled Q Junior’s story was. In fact, I’d be quite happy to see these characters brought back for further adventures together if a writer can find the right story for them. Additionally, it was rather fun seeing a much more serious and less manic Mariner.

Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #4
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