In Review: Star Trek: Resurgence #5 (of 5)

The prequel series to the Star Trek: Resurgence game comes to an explosive conclusion!

Synopsis: The prequel series to the Star Trek: Resurgence game comes to an explosive conclusion! After evading the Talarians in the nick of time, the Resolute crew is faced with the ultimate challenge: their new dilithium matrix begins to destabilize and the Resolute is dropped from warp. Who will survive?


The Story

Picking up from last month. The Resolute’s warp core system is critical. Commander Sutherland and Dr. Brahms are doing all they can to stabilize the ship’s systems, but all they can manage is to buy a little extra time. On top of all of that. They are still in Talarian Space and the Talarians are not too far behind. Looking to save as many of the Resolute’s crew as possible Commander Sutherland pilots the Battle Bridge in order to separate from the Resolutes Saucer Section. With the Warp Core on the verge of exploding. Sutherland is essentially piloting a bomb. But it is the only way in which lives can be saved.


The Artwork

Josh Hood finishes his time on this book in style. I loved the close-up panels of Commander Sutherland and the Talarian Captain Hektar as the two men exchange words. We also get some great panels of Hektar’s ship attacking The Resolute in his efforts to take the experimental warp drive regardless of the cost.



This conclusion to the prequel for the forthcoming video game Star Trek: Resurgence delivers the goods. I really appreciated the use of the Talarians as the antagonist in the story as they were one of the cooler races from Next Generation that never got revisited. I also really liked how they brought back Leah Brahms and had her break with Federation rules in order to develop her experimental warp technology.

The closing pages of this issue are nicely done. As we get a glimpse of Captain Sonalo’s new first officer, who will be one of the playable characters in the forthcoming video game.


Star Trek: Resurgence #5 (of 5)
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