In Review: Star Trek: Picard: Stargazer #2

Picard and Seven band together to save the native population and the Stargazer crew.

Synopsis: Following an unsettling discovery on the planet Jenjor VI, Picard and Seven band together to save the native population and the Stargazer crew.


The Story

Picking up from the last issue. Picard and Captain Mekera of the Stargazer have beamed down to Jenjor VI to find it to be unwelcoming when they are attacked by hostile forces. Thankfully they get some aid from Seven of Nine and her Fenris Rangers.

In a flashback sequence, we learn that the Romulan Commander who Picard thought he’d scared off attacked the planet after Picard and the Stargazer had left. The attack, which ruined all of the Jenjoran settlements forced the planet’s population underground because the Romulan weapons made the surface inhospitable for them. We learn that the Romulans left a group of their Remon slaves behind who wound up taking over the planet’s surface.

Back in the present. Picard and Captain Mekera learn that Seven and her Rangers have been helping the Jenjorans defend themselves against the Remon marauders who have been attacking them and trying to take over their underground settlements. Seven, Picard and Captain Mekera hatch a plan to relocate the Jenforan people to a new planet. While seven and Captain Mekera lead a team to clear the surface of Remons so it is safe for them to contact their ships. Picard stays behind with the Jenjoran people to help them prepare.



 Angel Hernandez  gets a chance to really show off in this issue. I really liked the underground home of the Jenjoran people and how it seemed to be a series of agricultural domes. But the best was saved for the Remon base that Seven and her people attack only to find very little resistance. I loved how wretched and war-torn it looked. I particularly liked seeing the suggestions of the industrial types of buildings that once stood there. 

I also liked how well drawn the Remon’s as they are a race we haven’t really seen a great deal of in comics. Indeed we have not seen that much of them in Star Trek on TV either. So it was good to see them again.



So far. I’m loving this story. It feels very much like an episode of Star Trek and I can’t wait to see what happens next as we are left with a fantastic cliffhanger as well as a shocking reveal.

Star Trek: Picard: Stargazer #2
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