Picard and the crew track Soji to the Borg cube in Romulan space, resurfacing haunting memories for Picard.

Synopsis: Picard and the crew track Soji to the Borg cube in Romulan space, resurfacing haunting memories for Picard. Meanwhile, Narek believes he finally found a way to safely exploit Soji for information.

Review: The longest episode to date at 53 minutes. This chapter of the series sees Picard finally locate Soji.

The Story

Picard and his crew set a course for the artifact in hopes of locating Soji and getting her out of there before the Romulan Tal Shiar can get to her. In order to achieve this mission. Picard must call on Raffi and one of her Starfleet contacts in order to get a diplomatic clearance so he can board the artifact as a scientific observer and meet up with Hugh. As he boards the old Borg Cube. Picard is suddenly faced with traumatic Flashbacks of the time he spent in the Borg collective as Locutus. Thankfully Huge meets him just in time and snaps him out of it.

While Picard is catching up with Hugh and being shown the work he has been doing on undoing the assimilation process on many of the Borg. Narek has found a way to safely exploit Soji for the information that he and his sister are after. The location of the Planet where Madox created her and her sister. Having got the information from her. Narek tries to kill Soji with radiation but is unable too because just at that moment Soji activates and manages to escape and meet up with Picard. With some help from Hugh. Picard and Soji manage to get a safe distance away by being beamed to another planet.

The Acting

Isa Briones puts in a fantastic performance this week as Soji who is on the cusp of discovering her true nature. Her final scenes with Harry Treadaway’s Narek are brilliantly played out. As was the scene in which Soji was scanning all of her personal belongings only to learn that they were all only 3 years old.

Also fantastic was Patrick Stewart who once again reprises the trauma that Picard suffered at the hands of the borg and his hatred of the Borg Collective. This was in contrast to the scenes where Huge is showing Picard the work he has been doing to try and help as many Borg reclaim their old identities or create new ones.


A great episode, which gets to the heart of Picard’s new mission, but still leaves us with a few questions. Most notably. Can Dr. Jurati be trusted? I mean not only has she murdered Bruce Maddox, but she also lied to Picard about how Maddox died. Is Jurati likely to wind up siding with Picard as an act of redemption or is she likely to sell him out and the entire mission to Starfleet Command or the Romulan Tal Shiar?

Added to the questions we are left with were some great visual effects and set design. I loved the moment where Picard was viewing the files about the Borg Reclamation and found an image of himself as Locutus. It’s a wonderful bit of camera work in which we see Picard’s face sort of blending into the photo that he is viewing on the screen. Added to this was the level of detail as we saw more of the interior corridors and gangways on the Borg Cube.

Overall. A fantastic episode.

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