Vadic forces Picard to make an impossible choice

Synopsis: In Surrender Vadic forces Picard to make an impossible choice: deliver what he can never give… or watch his crew perish. Their only salvation lies in the mind of an old friend and old foe.


The Story

Picking the story up from where last week left off. Vadic has taken command of the USS Titan and shut Picard and the rest of the crew out with an ultimatum. In short, Vadic demands that Jack Crusher come to the Bridge or she will murder each and every member of the ship’s Bridge Crew until he does. Picard and Dr. Crusher work tirelessly to figure out a way around this so that they can protect their son Jack. But the situation seems dire until Jack comes up with an idea to use his powers to connect with members of the crew telepathically to input Picard’s override codes into the ship’s computer. Unfortunately for Jack. Vadic has already thought of this tactic and is able to stop him.

Meanwhile, on the Shrike. Riker and Troi are having a little chat about their loss and how it impacted their relationship. The chat gets interrupted by Worf as he takes out a changeling in order to rescue them. Reunited Worf, Troi and Riker set about getting off the Shrike and link up with Raffi who manages to download some codes from the Shrikes computer, which hopefully will throw some light on what the Changeling plan is for Frontier Day.

Back on the USS Titan. Picard hatches another plan. But needs Data back in action so that they can execute it. However, this plan has a major drawback in that it will require Geordie to remove the partition from Data’s positronic brain, which is protecting Data from Lore.



The Acting

Ed Speleers puts in an excellent performance as Jack Crusher who is more than willing to sacrifice himself if it will save the Titan Crew. The scene in which we see Jack’s conditional surrender to Vadic is brilliantly acted. Amanda Plummer is fantastically manipulative as Vadic and the moment where she mentions the red door, which we keep seeing in Jack’s hallucinations is chilling.

We also get a brilliant performance from Brent Spiner who does a fantastic job of portraying the battle going on inside our favorite Androids positronic brain in which Data and Lore struggle for dominance. I loved the reveal of it being Lore’s ego that becomes his undoing as he lusts after Data’s memories and sees them as trophies.



This episode was fairly solid, but would likely have been a lot stronger had it been shown alongside last week’s show. I loved the interpersonal scenes between Riker and Troi and absolutely loved the moment where Worf comes to the rescue and starts opening up to Troi about his feelings in front of Riker, which was obviously somewhat inappropriate, but damn funny. The high point of the episode is a combination of the battle between Data and Lore, which is more of an emotional fight. And of course, Jack’s surrender to Vadic as part of Picard’s gambit to take back the ship and get rid of the changeling infestation.

Finally, I couldn’t help but smile at the moment toward the end of the episode where we see the entire TNG crew sat around the table to welcome their friend Data back into the fold.


STAR TREK: PICARD (S3 – EP7) – Surrender
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