In Review: Star Trek: Picard (S3 – EP1) The Next Generation

After receiving a cryptic, urgent distress call from Dr. Beverly Crusher, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard enlists help from generations old and new to embark on one final adventure

Synopsis: After receiving a cryptic, urgent distress call from Dr. Beverly Crusher, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard enlists help from generations old and new to embark on one final adventure: a daring mission that will change Starfleet, and his old crew forever.


The Story

Having set out into space on her own and working at the edges of Federation Space. Dr. Beverly Crusher comes under attack from some insect-like aliens. Managing to get the better of her attackers, but not without Injury. Crusher is forced to send a distress signal to Earth for her former Captain and friend Jean Luc Picard.

Making preparations for his new life with Laris. Retired Admiral Jean Luc Picard is rather taken back when he receives an encrypted message through his old Enterprise – D Combadge. As he overrides the encryption he is more surprised to find that the message is from Beverley Crusher who hasn’t spoken to him or any of the former Enterprise – D crew in over 20 years. Knowing that Dr. Crusher would not reach out to him unless in real danger. The Admiral sets off on a mission to find her. But in order to do so he needs a little help. So he meets up with his former First Officer Will Riker and the two formulate a plan to find their old shipmate.

Elsewhere, Lt Commander Raffi Musiker is on a mission of her own for Starfleet Intelligence to unravel the mystery of the Red Lady. 


The Acting

Gates McFadden is the first person that we see in this opening episode as we see Dr. Crusher come under attack. McFadden does a great job of conveying Crusher’s sense of urgency and panic as she shuts her son in a compartment in order to try and protect him from their would-be attackers and pulls off some moves that ‘Die Hards’ John McClain would be proud of.

Both Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes show that no matter how old they get. They’ll always have great chemistry as Captain and First officer. I particularly enjoyed the moment where Picard told Riker to shut up after Seven of Nine updated him on Starfleet protocols to do with going to warp speed.  But its is their scene with Captain Shaw who is played brilliantly by Todd Stashwick that provided the most fun. As Shaw is kind of an arsehole and does not approve of Picard or Riker’s Starfleet record nor their penchant for finding danger where ever they go.



This opening episode, which was appropriately titled The Next Generation manages to conjure up a little of the Next Generation feel and vibe. Which is something the previous seasons didn’t quite manage. Added to that is the fact that we get a similar moment to what we had in Star Trek: Generations when Kirk was introduced to Sulu’s daughter. As LaForge’s daughter happens to be the new helmsman for the U.S.S. Titan, which introduces a new generation.

The episode felt very much like star trek. I loved the incidental music that played when Picard and Rider were approaching the Titan via their shuttlecraft.

Overall. I really enjoyed this opening episode and look forward to seeing where the story goes in the weeks ahead.

Star Trek: Picard (S3 - EP1) The Next Generation
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