In Review: Star Trek: Picard (S2 – EP9) Hide and Seek

Picard and his crew fight for their lives as they come under attack from a new incarnation of an old enemy
Hide and Seek

Synopsis: In Hide and Seek Picard and his crew fight for their lives as they come under attack from a new incarnation of an old enemy. But to survive, Picard must first face the ghosts of his past. Seven and Raffi have a final showdown with Jurati.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Jurati who is under the control of the Borg Queen has conspired with Adam Soong and raised up a Borg Army and took over La Sirena. Forced to retreat and counter the new Borg Threat. Picard and the crew split up. With Raffi and Seven looking to get back on board the La Sirena while Picard and Tallinn engage in a game of Hide and Seek with Soong and his Borg.

Meanwhile, an injured Rios, Dr. Teresa Ramirez, and her son are sent to Tallin’s place for their own protection. 


The Acting



We get some awesome acting performances this week. Firstly, Alison Pill is brilliant as she continues to convey the battle of will between the consciousness of The Borg Queen and Jurati. A fight that ultimately comes to a conclusion by the close of this episode as a compromise is found to produce a better and more humane Borg Collective. The scene where Jurati sells her idea to Annie Wersching’s Borg Queen is brilliantly done and opens up some new story potential for future Borg stories.

We also get a solid performance from Patrick Stewart as Picard and Tallin head into the underground parts of Chateau Picard as they draw some Borg and Soong away from Seven and Raffi. This allows for more flashback scenes, which show us what happened to the young Jean Luc and his mother who has been played brilliantly throughout the series by Madeline WiseThis game of hide and seek ultimately comes to an end when Adam Soong (Brent Spiner) and a couple of the remaining Borg confront Picard and Tallin when a struggle ensues.



Hide and Seek gets things to where they need to be in order to set things up for next week’s season finale. The storyline concerning Jurati and The Borg Queen gets wrapped up but does so in such a way that we could see a different version of The Borg in future incarnations of Star Trek. Now all that is left for Picard and crew to sort out is Q and Adam Soong as both seek to prevent Rene Picard from going into space as part of the Europa Mission. But what of the Borg Queens’ message about one of the Rene’s having to die?

Overall. A fun penultimate episode, which brings back Elnor in hologram form to kick some borg butt.


Star Trek: Picard (S2 - EP9) Hide and Seek
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