In Review: Star Trek: Picard (S2 – EP10) Farewell

With just hours until the Europa Launch, Picard and the crew find themselves in a race against time to save the future.

Synopsis: With just hours until the Europa Launch, Picard and the crew find themselves in a race against time to save the future. Also, Picard gets to say farewell to his childhood guilt.


The Story

After having seen Jurati come to terms with the Borg Queen in last week’s episode. Picard and his crew rush to ensure that Renee Picard’s Europa Mission goes forward. To that end, Tallin makes a sacrifice in order to make sure Renee gets out into space safely. Meanwhile, Raffi, Seven, and Rios go to Adam Soongs lab to prevent his drones from interfering with the Europa launch. But there are still questions as to why Q has sent Picard on this mission to the past. And thankfully, we get some answers.

We also see the plot concerning Soongs clone daughter get neatly tied up as she joins Wesley Crusher as a Traveller. This plot thread also reveals that The travelers are the ones responsible for Aegis and The Supervisors, which is something I hope we see explored more in future, present, and past treks. After all time is just a human construct.


The Acting



Although the plot seems to dance all over the place and felt a little bit rushed and disjointed in parts. The same can’t be said for the actors. Patrick Stewart fully commits as Jean Luc Picard finally gets the answers he has been wanting thanks to John de Lancie’s Q. The scene where Picard and Q reconnect for the final time is so well written that I had a lump in my throat. Especially when Q revealed that his interest in Picard had always been one of helping him grow as a human being. It’s a touching farewell scene that is brilliantly played out by all the actors concerned.

We also get a little surprise appearance from Wil Wheaton that proves to be quite satisfying in terms that he reveals himself as a Traveller, but further reveals the Traveller’s to be the race of aliens responsible for setting up Aegis and the Supervisors. This is quite a satisfying scene, but may also prove to be the cause for some debate in the Star Trek community in regards to Wesley’s connection to Aegis and Gary Seven. However, the scene does a nice job of providing a way for Soong’s cloned daughter of Kore to continue her adventures out there.



While this finale gave us some satisfying farewells to some much loved Star Trek characters as well as a deeper exploration of what it was that drove Picard into becoming an explorer. Plotwise it felt a bit disjointed and rushed in parts. However, it did sow some seeds for what may wind up being the story for season three of Picard as well as some potential storylines that we could see get picked up on the other Star Trek shows.


Star Trek: Picard (S2 - EP10) Farewell
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