In Review: Star Trek: Picard—Countdown #2 (of 3)

As the situation on the Romulan colony continues to unravel, Picard finds himself faced with a difficult choice that will affect millions. 

Synopsis: As the situation on the Romulan colony continues to unravel, Picard finds himself faced with a difficult choice that will affect millions.

Review: This issue blows things wide open and introduces us to two key characters that will likely have a great say in how the story concludes.

The Story

Still under guard by the Romulan Colonist. Picard is having dinner with the colonies Governor who is trying to talk him into saving her people while leaving the indigenous population behind. As you’d expect. Picard is having none of it and chooses to end the meeting when they come under attack from some of the planet’s own people.  During the attack, the Yuyati take Picard and lead him to a secret place that very few know about where they meet up with the Romulan winemakers Zhaban and Laris who tell Picard that the Romulans in the colony and their Governor believe his plans to save them to be a Starfleet plot to undermine Romulus. Additionally, they both reveal themselves to be members of the Tal Shiah.

While Picard and his First Officer learn more from Zhaban and Laris. The colonies Governor sets about her plan to take over Picard’s ship.

The Artwork

Angel Hernandez does some great work on this issue. The alien landscape that Picard is shown when he meets the Romulan couple and the Yuyati people is loads of fun. I mean upside-down waterfalls. I have got to see one of those. I also enjoyed the panel where the Romulan Governor was talking to Picard’s third in command on the viewscreen. In a nutshell, this felt from a visual standpoint like a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, but with a more cinematic quality to it. Artwise this felt like a bit of a step up from the last issue.


The story continues to impress and it is not too much of a reach to guess that the Romulan couple that Picard meets may well be the parents of the young Romulan woman that he is going to be helping in the TV show when it begins in late January.

Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson have me hooked. I can’t wait to read the next issue but do have one wish and that is for Picard to mention the Prime Directive at least once.

Star Trek: Picard—Countdown #2 (of 3)
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