In Review: Star Trek: Picard—Countdown #1 (of 3)

Star Trek: Picard - Countdown shows events that lead up to the new television series.

Synopsis: Before he retired to his vineyard, Jean-Luc Picard was the most decorated admiral in Starfleet. Then one mission changed his life forever. The Countdown starts here!

Review: Picard – Countdown gives readers a chance to see the events that lead up to the new television series, which will begin in January on CBS All Access.

The Story

The story opens with two Romulans paying a visit to Picard’s Vinyard in France. One talks about a debt that they owe, but then events flashback to one year in the past. Where we are transported to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards where Geordie LaForge is hard at work building a fleet of ships for a mass evacuation of various Romulan worlds that are in danger of being wiped out by a pending supernova. LaForge gets a message from Admiral Jean Luc Picard, who is now the commanding officer on the U.S.S. Veris, which is patrolling both sides of the Romulan Neutral Zone and helping the Romulan Senate with evacuations, which is not an easy job. Picard is pleased to see his old friend and happy to learn that everything is on schedule.

From this point on, we see Picard and his new first officer Raffi Musiker who will be played by Michelle Hurd on the TV show,  go on a mission to a small Romulan farming colony, but while there they learn that their evacuation plans are not going to be as straightforward as it seems.

The Artwork

The artwork, which is done by Angel Hernandez fairly good, but not really the best have seen. The art style is a little scratchy when it comes to the characters, but thankfully the likenesses are pretty much on point. But overall it is serviceable to the story.


Written by Kirsten Beyer who also writes for the TV show and Mike Johnson who is a veteran writer of ‘Star Trek’ stories for IDW. Star Trek: Picard – Countdown works really well as a prequel to the TV show and will likely get referenced in the series when it starts in late January.

Both writers do a great job of capturing the voices of the characters and the dialogue that we hear Picard say is very much in keeping with things that the character has said in the past. Especially when it comes to respecting all sentient lifeforms.

Overall a promising start with serviceable artwork.

Star Trek: Picard—Countdown #1 (of 3)
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