In Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks – (S2 – Ep8) I Excretus

'I Excretus' sees the crew of the U.S.S Cerritos put to the test . . . Roles are reversed. Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Freeman

Synopsis: ‘I Excretus’ sees the crew of the U.S.S Cerritos put to the test . . . Roles are reversed. Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Freeman (Dawnn Lewis), and their “squads” face off against one another. Consequently, there are some typically hilarious results . . .



Using the “role reversal” trope is perfect for Star Trek: Lower Decks. For example, it meant ‘I Excretus’ did something altogether different than last week’s episode. But that’s not all it did. This episode was able to incorporate all of the crew into a single story. That’s not easy to do, due to the show’s set up. So, credit is due for that. However, the way that the writers managed to incorporate the historical Trek problems was superb. Again, we see that the show’s creative team are genuine fans of Trek. They know their history, and proved it once more. Also, that they faced a common “enemy” in Shari Yen Yem (Lennon Parham) was a great idea, too.

Voices & Characterization

A lot to mention, in terms of voices in ‘I Excretus’. Firstly, there was the requisite skills needed to create the “Mirror” characters. Jack Quaid cleverly over-egged the pudding, to show that the Mirror Universe was always really hammy. Secondly, really great to see the return of Alice Krige, in her iconic role as the Borg Queen. She’s lost none of the vital trademark captivating qualities to her voice.


The Borg being animated was cool to see, and of course so was the Borg Queen. It was clear that the borg were based on the Star Trek: First Contact (1996) incarnation of the infamous and deadly Federation foe. The details in the other simulations were also impressive. Particularly the “Cowboy land”, based on ‘A Fistful of Datas’. There really are benefits to using animation, if it’s done well.


Fun might be the best single word to describe ‘I Excretus’. Whilst that’s unquestionably true, so is the fact Lower Decks continues to give the show growth and development. This series could easily have been a throwaway effort, but that’s not the case. Each character has a distinct personality, and as a consequence a unique charm of their own. It was great to see Boimler (Jack Quaid) get to actually be the hero again. It would be boring if he never was. Another pleasant helping of what’s now established as a much loved Trek show.


At some point during the run of Season Two of Star Trek: Lower Decks, May The Verse Be With You will run a thematic special . . .



In Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks - (S2 - Ep8) I Excretus
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