In Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks – (S2 – Ep6) The Spy Humungous

'The Spy Humungous' concerns the Pakleds, mostly. However, there's also Boimler (Jack Quaid) on yet another typical pursuit

Synopsis: ‘The Spy Humungous’ concerns the Pakleds, mostly. However, there’s also Boimler (Jack Quaid) on yet another typical pursuit of promotion. And there’s also some odd transformations, too, for Tendi (Noel Wells) and Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) . . .



Captain Freeman (Dawnn Lewis) interacting with the bumbling Pakleds was a fun, and inventive story to go with. The “TNG” era aliens are perfect for comedy. The strength of ‘The Spy Humungous’ lay in over egging the pudding. In some ways, not an entirely different tone from last week’s episode, ‘An Embarrassment of Dooplers’. But what we shouldn’t forget about was the smart “B-plot”, that saw some typically hilarious results. The fact that so many weird goings on occur could seem a bit jarring. It does push the suspension of disbelief. Yet, the same may be said of some of the weaker episodes from the live action series of the franchise. Anyway, it’s really fun!

Voices & Characterization

The voice actors of the Pakleds deserve real credit. And so to did Captain Freeman (Dawnn Lewis), too. It’s not easy to get emotions across with only vocal skills, but it was made to sound easy, here. This is also applicable to Boimler (Jack Quaid) and co., too. Quaid managed to sound hilarious by using subtle inflections, carefully, to great effect. Particularly evident in what was his big hero moment.



The animation style allows for things that would be extremely difficult to achieve, in live-action. Even with today’s technical wizardry, the sudden conversion into a scorpion by Tendi (Noel Wells) would be hard. So too would be the hilarious “inflation” of Rutherford (Eugene Cordero). These scenes were well thought out and fully utilise the luxury of animation for pretty much allowing anything.


‘The Spy Humungous’ gave us more of what Lower Decks should: fun, Trek style. As ever we got a great many references, including the Pakleds (whose planet really is called Pakled Planet!) insist Captain Freeman was Captain Janeway. But perhaps the best joke, and maybe the best of the whole series yet,, was prank calling Argus. It’s those moments that you really appreciate this show. It’s supposed to be silly, and best seen that way. If that didn’t make you laugh, then surely the “Riker’s Trombone” innuendo must have! It’s absolutely possible to adore Star Trek, be a serious Trekkie and still laugh. That’s exactly what this show gives you the chance to do.



At some point during the run of Season Two of Star Trek: Lower Decks, May The Verse Be With You will run a thematic special . . .



Star Trek: Lower Decks - (S2 - Ep6) The Spy Humongous
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