In Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks – (S2 – Ep10) First First Contact

'First First Contact' sees the season two finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks. And, Captain Freeman's (Dawnn Lewis) up for promotion

Synopsis: ‘First First Contact’ sees the season two finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks. And, Captain Freeman’s (Dawnn Lewis) up for promotion, sending shockwaves through the Cerritos. But soon that becomes secondary, as a pending disaster takes precedence . . .



The “promotion” plot is a Trek standard. Like last week’s episode ‘wej duj’, we see clever use of a standard trope. However, what worked well was the spin on it, in ‘First First Contact’. having Mariner (Tawny Newsome) hear the news, secretly, brought in the connotations of character relationship. So, we then got the requisite tension, that made for a good story. As it turned out, we also got to see the Cerritos come to the rescue again, and prove it’s an important resource for Starfleet. The action was exciting, and the stakes were actually big, which meant you were drawn in. But the big, surprise ending was what really came of as impressive. It was timed superbly.

Voices & Characterization

perhaps the scene that best demonstrated how vital the voice actors are, was the bridge scene where they all made their feelings known. Such a scene wasn’t easy to get right, but all the actors did wonderfully to make it work. The likes of Fred Tatasciore as Lt. Shax, and Paul Scheer as Lieutenant Commander Billups show just what a truly talented ensemble this show has to make it a success.



The ship being stripped of the outer hull was drawn brilliantly. You got to see all the work that goes into building a starship, even if it’s not the Federation’s flagship. Also, when the Archimedes was in dire danger the lighting was considered with poise.  Attention to detail helps make the story feasible, as an animated adventure. Finally, the credits writing and titles are all TNG era too. it matters to fans!


‘First First Contact’ didn’t appear to be much of a season finale, at first. But that soon changed when things got going. And, for a while it seemed like Captain Freeman (Dawn Lewis) might actually leave. And, what matters is that you cared. These characters have become endeared to fans, over the course of two seasons. Here, you get to actually see who they are, and how willing they are to prove their salt. As ever, this is all the more important to Boimler (Jack Quaid) than the others. So, great to see him get another hero moment, and in a very funny way. The cliff-hanger ending was a wonderful surprise twist, that none of us could have claimed to see coming . . .


This week, May The Verse Be With You celebrated the season two finale, with a Lower Decks special: Rhyme of The Modern Marriner!



In Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks - (S2 - Ep10) First First Contact
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