In Review: Star Trek: Discovery – What’s Past Is Prologue

Lorca plans to move forward with a coup against the Emperor, propelling Burnham to make a quick decision to save not only herself but the U.S.S. Discovery.

Synopsis: Lorca plans to move forward with a coup against the Emporer, propelling Burnham to make a quick decision to save not only herself but the U.S.S. Discovery.

Review: Treachery and double bluffs are the name of the game in this final episode set within the mirror universe. It looks like Emperor Georgiou is defeated and Lorca is set to take over the Terran Empire, but it seems that neither of the two commanders counted on Burnham’s loyalty to Starfleet and her ability to strategize on the fly.

Meanwhile on board Discovery. Stamets and Tilly are trying to puzzle out a way for them to return to their Universe and it looks like all bets are off. Saru isn’t convinced and gives a hell of a speech about not believing in a no-win scenario, which is quite funny given that Saru is from a Prey species. Might his exposure to Lorca’s command style have given him some backbone?

This episode has a hell of a lot of story to process and the closing moments leave us with another cliffhanger in which we learn the status of the Federation and Klingon war. To say things are not looking good would be an understatement.

We get a brilliant performance from Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Georgiou in which she gets to show off some of her martial arts skills in an epic combat scene with Jason Isaacs Captain Lorca. Burnham’s plan to help save Discovery and Georgiou proves to be effective, but we’ll have to see what the implications of the decision to save Georgiou’s life will have in next weeks episode.

The space sequences and scenes concerning the mycelium network were impressive. I really liked how we got the contrast between the Mirror Universes use for the mycelium spores being as a tool of destruction whereas discovery used the network as a means of travel. All that said. I’m still blinded by the science for it. I mean a ship run on mushrooms? It was much easier when it was physics, quantum physics, and warp drives. Hopefully, we go back to that in future and save the Mushrooms for good eating.

Overall. This was a satisfying episode in which Lorca gets his just deserts and Burnham helps get the Discovery home. I look forward to seeing all the fall out in next weeks episode. And having Geordiou around in the prime universe is going to make for an interesting story element. We had very little in the way of Voq’s storyline this week, but I am pretty sure we’ll see that develop next week.

Star Trek: Discovery - What's Past Is Prologue
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