In Review: Star Trek: Discovery – Vaulting Ambition

Another fan theory comes true in this latest episode.

Synopsis: Burnham heads to the ISS Charon with a special “gift” for the Emperor. With the help of an unexpected source, Stamets gains clarity while trapped inside the mycelial network. Saru asks for L’Rell’s help.

Review: This latest episode gives us an insight into what Michael Burnham’s relationship was like with the mirror universe version of her former Captain Philipa Georgio. The scene’s between Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Yeoh were well played and provided a satisfying build up to the reveal at the close of the episode. The data concerning the Defiant’s trip to the Mirror universe does not prove fruitful, which means that Michael must somehow try and get the Discovery home some other way.

Meanwhile, Lorca is still being tortured in the agonizer booth and it seems he has met a torturer who bears a grudge and will push Lorca to his absolute limits.

Back on Discovery, we have various story threads playing out. The most interesting is Stamets figuring a way out of the mycelial network with a little help from his mirror twin and his recently deceased partner. These scenes are some of the best in the episode. Specifically when Stamets actually has the eureka moment.

Elsewhere on the ship. Saru is trying to figure out what the issue is with Ash Tyler and goes to L’Rell for help. She refuses at first but is eventually guilted into helping. Many Klingon screams and much pain are involved.

The ISS Cheron was very, very impressive and I just wish we could have seen more of it in one of those old-fashioned flyby inspection tours that we got in Star Trek: The Motion picture. I think they really missed a trick there. But in terms of CGI for what little we did see. It was really impressive.

Overall. This was the episode that revealed the second biggest Discovery theory to be true. Yes, indeed Lorca is from the mirror universe and the way in which it was revealed although a little clumsy in execution was effective, but not really all that much of a shock. Having been watching some of Marc Scott Zicree’s Mr. SciFi videos on Youtube. I happen to agree with his concerns about fans being able to guess many of the plot twists in advance of them happening. The one concerning Lorca has been around since episode four.

It is my hope that the writers are able to perhaps outsmart the fans a little more in the second season.

All that aside. This episode was still fairly enjoyable. And the acting performances throughout were solid.


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