In Review: Star Trek: Discovery – Through the Valley of Shadows

A fourth signal leads the U.S.S. Discovery to an insular world, where Pike is forced to make a life-changing choice.

Synopsis: A fourth signal leads the U.S.S. Discovery to an insular world, where Pike is forced to make a life-changing choice. Burnham and Spock investigate a Section 31 ship gone rogue, leading them to discover some catastrophic consequences.

Review: Pike gets a glimpse of his future, while Burnham learns that she is the unpredictable variable.

The Story

A fourth signal leads the Discovery and Captain Pike to the Klingon planet of Borath, which according to Klingon culture is the birthplace of their greatest warrior Kahless, but as Pike learns. It holds many secrets and has a rather peculiar relationship with time.

Elsewhere, Burnham responds to a signal from a Section 31 ship, which has gone rogue and ejected all of its crew. As they investigate. Spock and Michael learn that the Control A.I., which is using nanite technology to take human form is getting stronger and it is threatened by Michael Burnham.

The Acting

Much like previous weeks. Ethan Peck once again knocks it out the park with his portrayal of Spock and pretty much steals most the scenes he has with Michael.

We also get nice performances from Tig Notaro and Wilson Cruz in a brief scene that sees their respective characters bond over how obsessive their respective romantic partners were about making lists and itineraries.


A really solid episode, which gave us a new take on the planet Borath and Klingon mysticism. I enjoyed the twist concerning the time crystals, which make the whole concept of time different on the planet. I also enjoyed how it tied in with Captain Pike’s story arc and how tragic his future will be.

The storyline concerning Burnham and the Section 31 ship and her encounter with control was also really well thought out and makes sense given that Michaels mother has been traversing time in an effort to stop control from reaching its ultimate goal.

I also enjoyed the scene in Discovery’s mess hall where we saw some of the crew bonding over a word game. It’s a pity that we do not know the supporting characters well enough to have enjoyed this kind of scene a little more.

One of my major issues with this series is the fact that we only really know Saru, Michael, Stamats, Dr. Culver and Tilly. Yet know precious little about the other members of the Bridge. Hopefully, this is something that will be addressed in the third series.

Star Trek: Discovery - Through the Valley of Shadows
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