In Review: Star Trek: Discovery – The Wolf Inside

The crew continues their guise, and Burnham is ordered on a merciless mission...

Synopsis: The crew continues their guise, and Burnham is ordered on a merciless mission to end the resistance in hopes of returning home. Meanwhile, Tilly works on restoring Stamets’ neurofunction.

Review: This gets really interesting in this second episode in the mirror universe. On Discovery Tilly is trying to restore Stamets’ to his former self and seems to have developed an understanding of the spore drive and Stamets’ connection to it.

Elsewhere Burnham is still in command of the Shenzu and is relying quite heavily on the support of Ash Tyler. But when she is ordered to destroy an alliance base. She disregards the order and tries to give a Starfleet solution by stealth and makes a pact with the alliance leader Voq who has united Andorians and Vulcans under the same banner to fight the Terran Empire. The plan goes astray when Tyler’s true nature comes to bear and he reveals himself to Michael. Which is not really a surprise given that Tyler’s true identity was pretty much revealed to the audience in last weeks episode.

This was a fantastic episode with a lot of plot reveals and we also get to see inside the spore drive from Stamets’ viewpoint where we also get to meet Stamets mirror universe double. Quite what this will mean for the crew of Discovery remains to be seen.

The big surprise comes at the end of the episode where the true identity of the Terran Emperor is revealed and it is not Hoshi Sato from Star Trek: Enterprise, which might have been a cool idea. But the person it is revealed to be is as shocking to us the audience as it is to Michael.

It was great to see the Andorians again even though they played a somewhat minor role in this story. I was also gladdened to see that the creators of this series had chosen not to change the Andorians too much. They still look Andorian thankfully, which is something that cannot be said for the Klingon’s, which remains one of the biggest bones of contention surrounding this whole series.

Overall. A really solid episode with loads of plot developments and new story threads to be revealed in the coming weeks. Will we get Stamets back into the world of the living? And what will Michael’s betrayal to the Terran Empire cost her? Like everyone else who is enjoying this show. I look forward to finding out.

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