In Review: Star Trek: Discovery Soundtrack

While I am on the record for actually having enjoyed the Star Trek: Discovery series. The soundtrack has always been somewhat hit and miss with me.

Review: Due to hit stores and digital platforms on Friday 15th December. The soundtrack to Star Trek: Discovery will be an early Christmas present to fans of the newest incarnation of Trek.

Composed by Emmy Award Winning composer Jeff Russo the music served the themes and subject matter of the TV series, but unfortunately falls short of the epic soundtracks from giants such as James Horner or indeed the late Jerry Goldsmith.

There is a nice bit of homage to the original Alexander Courage Soundtrack in the main title theme and the extended version of that theme toward the end was pretty damn good as well. But most of the incidental sound cues that we hear throughout just didn’t really grab me in the same way as the work of prior composers on Trek has.

While I am on the record for actually having enjoyed the Star Trek: Discovery series. The soundtrack has always been somewhat hit and miss with me. It lacks that feeling of exploration and discovery and just feels like its more war soundtrack in parts, which makes sense given the conflict with the Klingon’s.

The most dramatic music cue in this collection is Captain Mudd, which comes from the excellent episode in which Harry Mudd takes over the Discovery and pretty much does a Trek version of Groundhog day by repeating the same time loop over and over.

All I really know about Jeff Russo’s prior work is the stuff he did for Fargo and the FX series Legion, which was a soundtrack I enjoyed more so than this.

The problem with this is its a really good soundtrack in its own right, but aside from some of the motifs at the beginning of the main title music. It just doesn’t feel like a Star Trek soundtrack. It doesn’t really have the same feel to the title themes of any of the previous Star Trek shows and other than the little hint in the main sequence. It doesn’t sound much like the original series either.

I’ve no doubt. There will be plenty of Star Trek: Discovery fans out there that will disagree with me. But I’m fine with that.

Fans will be able to make their own minds up about all of this when the soundtrack is released on Friday.

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