In Review: Star Trek: Discovery – Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Saru becomes engrossed in a strange new world.

Synopsis: The USS. Discovery is tasked with a high priority mission to planet Pahvo and learn the science behind the Klingon’s cloaking technology.

Review: In order to investigate the sound waves coming from a nearby planet. Saru, Michael, and Tyler are tasked with finding out if the sound waves can be used with Federation technology to detect cloaked Klingon vessels, but things take on a strange turn when the planet opens itself up to reveal itself as a life form to Commander Saru who becomes intoxicated by it.

Elsewhere L’Rell  is trying to ingratiate herself with Kol and requests the opportunity to interrogate Admiral Cornwell. While with Cornwell L’Rell says that she’d like to defect to the Federation. Saying that Kol is not a leader that she can follow. But when she tries to escape with Cornwell Kol and his soldiers seem wise to it, which forces L’Rell to make out that Cornwell stole her weapon and tried to escape.

Back on the Discovery Stamets is beginning to feel some pretty hefty side effects from his connection with Discovery’s Spore Drive. Tilly senses something is wrong and gets Stamets to reveal what the problem is.

Back on the planet. Saru has opened a line of communication with the life form, which seems to make up the entire planet and he has become somewhat obsessed to the point of losing himself to it. Burnham and Tyler sense that he is acting out of character and concoct a plan to try and shake him loose of it.

This was a really strong episode in that it took on the strange new worlds aspect of Star Trek by giving us a new world to explore, that seems to have no humanoid life, but is a life form in its own right. I felt it was a fun move to have Saru somehow linked with the planet and allowed for Doug Jones to peel back a few more layers of Saru’s character.  The conversation that Saru has at the close of the episode when he is in sickbay is revealing of how harmonious effect the planet had on his. His species is one that is bred to be hunted as livestock, yet while on the planet he did not experience fear. This narrative played into why the planet would try to bring both Klingon’s and The Federation together. Given that the planet seeks harmony and wants to try and bring that harmony to other people. But it has unwittingly set the stage for what looks like it will be a major battle.

The CGI for the plant was absolutely beautiful and had a very cinematic look and feel to it.

Overall. A solid episode with a powerful performance from Doug Jones as Saru.

Star Trek: Discovery - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
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