In Review: Star Trek: Discovery (S4 – EP4) All Is Possible

Working on some advice given to her by Dr. Culver. Lieutenant Tilly volunteers to take on a teaching assignment to help a group of cadets begin to work together.

Synopsis: In ‘All is Possible’. Tilly and Adira lead a team of Starfleet Academy cadets on a training mission that takes a dangerous turn. Meanwhile, Burnham is pulled into tense negotiations on Ni’Var.


The Story

Working on some advice given to her by Dr. Culver. Lieutenant Tilly volunteers to take on a teaching assignment to help a group of cadets begin to work together. However, she initially struggles to help them find some common ground. But when their ship crashes on an ice planet. Tilly must put aside her self doubts and take command of the situation and in so doing she learns as much about herself as the cadets do about each other.

Meanwhile, Captain Burnham along with Captain Saru undertake a diplomatic mission to help the Federation President facilitate Ni’Var’s entry into the Federation. However, problems arise when the Federation is unwilling to agree to Ni’Var’s compromise. In order to make the impossible possible. Captain Burnham with a little help from Saru finds a compromise that works for both parties. In short, Burnham uses her experiences of living on Vulcan along with her time in Starfleet as a means to become a diplomatic bridge between the Federation and Ni’var.

Back on Discovery Book is still struggling to deal with his feelings of loss, but finds a way to work through some of it thanks to some guidance from Dr. Culver.


The Acting

Mary Wiseman bids adieu to Discovery as we see her character of Tilly slowly learn that the command path isn’t right for her. For the last few week’s we’ve seen Tilly struggle with her new promotion and the sorts of responsibilities it entails. So, when Tilly is given an opportunity to teach Cadets on a training mission she discovers that one of her strengths is her ability to help people find common ground between each other. It’s an aspect of Tilly’s character that proves to be of use given a difficult group to work with. In her final scenes, we see Tilly admit to Burnham that getting her lieutenant Pips was the worst day of her life. This scene pretty much sums Tilly’s character arc up. She’s come full circle and truly found her true vocation. It’s a great scene and a fantastic performance from Wiseman.

Doug Jones also puts in a great performance and I really liked the scenes between his character of Saru and the Ni’Var president T’Rina¬† (Tara Rosling). His scenes with President T’Rina serve toward helping Burnham figure out a compromise that works best for both the Federation and Ni’var. It was also pretty cool seeing Saru and T’Rina discuss their different methods of employing meditation and mindfulness.



While not particularly contributing too much to the overall story arc for this season. This episode does do some interesting character development and is a nice send-off for Tilly whose character has been on a real journey in recent weeks.

To sum up. All is Possible serves to illustrate that most things are possible when people can look past their ideological differences and find some common ground. Indeed, it is a lesson that politicians and world leaders need to take on board so that they can better serve the people and not their own selfish ends.


Star Trek: Discovery (S4 - EP4) All Is Possible
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