In Review: Star Trek: Discovery (S4 – EP2) Anomaly

Saru returns to help the U.S.S. Discovery uncover the mystery of an unusually destructive Anomaly.

Synopsis: Saru returns to help the U.S.S. Discovery uncover the mystery of an unusually destructive Anomaly. As Burnham leads the crew, she must also find a way to help Book cope with an unimaginable loss.


The Story

Picking up the story from where last week left off. We see Book struggling to deal with the grief of trauma of having lost his homeworld and more importantly. His family, to the Anomaly. Likewise, Lieutenant Tilly is also struggling haveing lost people on her first official command mission. On a positive note, Saru’s return to the crew has lifted spirits somewhat and he offers himself as an extra pair of eyes for Captain Burnham who is still growing into the weight of command.

At a meeting with the Federation Council and delegates from other worlds including Ni’Var, which used to be Vulcan. A plan is put together and U.S.S. Discovery is dispatched to do a scientific study of the Anomaly and find a way of stopping it from destroying more worlds. To that end, Michael Burnham and Saru send Book and Stammats into the anomaly to scan it. Even though Book is still caught up with his grief and may not be ready for such a mission.


The Acting

David Ajala puts in a brilliant performance this week as we see Cleveland Booker aka Book really struggle with the deep personal loss of losing both family and his homeworld. The scenes he shares with Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham and Anthony Rapp’s Paul Stamets are brilliantly executed. The moment where Stamets is trying to offer his friendship and comfort to Book felt heartfelt and genuine. So much so that I felt a little sorry for Stamets when Book pushed him away, but having suffered family losses myself. I could also understand why Book was pushing people away. 

On a lighter note. Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander get a fun couple of scenes to play when Adira and Dr. Culver unveil a synthetic Android, which Adira’s significant other can inhabit. This scene is not only a nice bit of plot progression for Star Trek: Discovery’s None Binary and Trans relationship. I got a little chuckle from Gray Tal (Ian Alexander) wanting to make a few modifications to their new synthetic body. The scene also has a nice reference to the first season of Picard, which is where they got the synthetic technology from.



A fairly strong episode that does a decent job of continuing the story from last. I really enjoyed how well the writing dealt with Book’s personal loss and enjoyed that he was hallucinating and seeing his dead nephew run around his ship. My only criticism is the same as it will likely always be. The writers do a great job of servicing characters like Burnham and Saru as well as Tilly and Stamets. But they are still letting us down when it comes to adding more detail to characters like Lt. Cmdr. Keyla Detmer, Lt. Cmdr. Joann Owosekun and the rest of the Bridge Crew. This to me feels like a bit of a letdown for other potential storylines as well as a letdown for the actors that work so hard to inhabit these roles. 

I don’t know about other viewers. But I would love to see more detail about these lesser explored characters.

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