In Review: Star Trek Discovery (S.4 Ep.12) “Species 10-C”

As Discovery races to stop Earth and other planets from being destroyed, they have an encounter.
"Species 10-C"

Synopsis: In “Species 10-C” we finally get to meet the newest Star Trek aliens . . . As Discovery races to stop Earth and other planets from being destroyed, they have an encounter. Meanwhile, Tarka (Shawn Doyle) continues to pursue his own agenda, relentlessly . . .



The theme of communication continues over from last week’s episode, “Rosetta”. This may have disappointed some fans. However, the story requires that this be a key theme. Furthermore, Star Trek has always been about such things. Certainly, when it’s at its best, all good science-fiction should concern the human condition. That’s exactly what we saw here. There weren’t huge explosions and only typical hostility. Consequently, we saw that ingenuity and intellect are infinitely more valuable. These traits were used as necessary tools, and not as weapons. It really was wonderful to see the crew have to work out how to communicate with such an advanced race.



There were no performances that stood out particularly, in “Species 10-C”. But a solid job was done by the cast. There was no real requirement for a big moment. However, it was good to see Commander Reno (Tig Notaro) get to have her moment. Tig Notaro showed why she’s an interesting and worthwhile character to have in the show. She expressed a troubled soul convincingly well.

CGI & Effects

More awesome effects. perhaps the best of them was the pod that was created and sent by the super-advanced race. It looked like it had really been created. Such technical wizardry might well be deemed to be easy, with current CGI capabilities. Yet, these ideas still need to be planned, and then delivered. That’s why Discovery needs to be so highly commended. It’s absolutely terrific stuff to see.


Just when we thought that there might be a big, all-out battle, something totally different occurred. The tension was in working out how to talk with a race so different. What matters is that the tension was there, all the same. The most basic of feelings about new races was revisited — fear. That’s important, as it shows that only by conquering fear can Starfleet ever hope to be able to succeed as an organization. This is what has helped to make this season of Discovery proper Star Trek again. “Species 10-C” is a great example of it.


Star Trek Discovery (S.4 Ep.12)
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