In Review: Star Trek: Discovery – Despite Yourself

Welcome On Board The I.S.S. Discovery!

Synopsis: While in unfamiliar territory, the U.S.S. Discovery crew are forced to be creative in their efforts to survive an opposing and unprecedented force and return home.

Review: This is the episode, which pretty much confirms one of the many fan theories once and for all, but it also happens to be the much-anticipated mirror universe episode that Jonathan Frakes leaked news about a number of months back.

Stamets is in a bad way and is pretty much out of commission, which means that Lorca and the crew cannot rely on him and the connection to the Spore drive in order to get home, but the big question before them is, ‘Where the hell are we?’

The reveal of the mirror universe comes fairly quickly when the Discovery gets attacked by a Vulcan ship, which is crewed by rebels. Soon as this happens Discovery receives a hail from another Earth vessel, which quickly lends aid. After a short time, Lorca and the crew learn that they are in a mirror universe, which is the complete reverse of what they know of. Essentially meaning that the crew has to learn about their mirror selves in order to survive.

Elsewhere in the episode Ash Tyler learns about what was done to him and makes the mistake of trying to get Discovery’s Doctor to confirm it to him. This does not end well.

This was a very strong return for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. The details of the mirror universe were well thought out and executed but like everything else with this series. A tad too modern for the time period that the show is supposed to be set in. I.e. pre-original series prime universe, which as we all know. Does not have holographic mirrors. The Cinematics are great as ever and you can definitely see the money that has been spent. For example multiple pain booths. The I.S.S. Enterprise, which featured in the original series episode ‘Mirror, Mirror’ only had one.

Despite these very obvious and often talked about things the acting performances were strong and the storyline was engaging and fun. It even felt a little more ‘Star-Trek’.  Mary Wiseman got some great lines as Captain Tilly. My favorite being, “If I were your Captain I’d cut your tongue out and use it to lick my boots.” Yup Tilly gets a lot of character development in this episode as does Ash Tyler.

Overall. A solid episode, which ends on a cliffhanger and an awesome sneak peek at what we’ll see next week, which will also be in the Mirror Universe.

Star Trek: Discovery - Despite Yourself
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