In Review: Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath #2

More drama unfolds as Pike, Spock, and Number One set out to meet L'Rell at the peace conference.

Synopsis: As Spock deals with the loss of his sister Michael Burnham, Captain Pike makes an offer to the Klingons. But will the enemies of Chancellor L’Rell ignite a new war instead?

Review: More drama unfolds as Pike, Spock, and Number One set out to meet L’Rell at the peace conference.

The Story

Captain Pike is fairly confident that he can be the person to broker a peace between the Federation and the Klingons, but Spock is not so sure that the timing is right.

Meanwhile, L’Rell is doing everything she can to make a show of force to appease her people while maintaining some sense of diplomacy with Pike and his people.

The Artwork

It’s quite difficult to believe that it is the same artist that worked on this issue than on the prior issue. There is some good work, but there is also some pretty mediocre work when it comes to the likeness of Captain Pike and some of the facial expressions. I’m not sure if the artist was forced to rush the work in or not. But the art in this issue seems to not be as consistent as what I saw in issue 1.


Kirsten Beyer continues the story pretty well from where things left off and she continues to maintain a pretty good sense of continuity with Star Trek Cannon.

I enjoyed the doubts that Spock was expressing in his personal logs about whether or not it was the right time to broker peace with the Klingons. That he believed humans and Klingons were just too different to make it work. This was pretty fun to read especially when you know that it is Spock who is instrumental in brokering a peace with the Klingons in the future as seen in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.

Overall. A fairly good issue with a fantastic cliffhanger ending. I look forward to the next issue, which I hope will come later in the month. Kapla.

Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath #2
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