In Review: Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath #1

You saw the stunning conclusion of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery—now witness the Aftermath!

Synopsis: You saw the stunning conclusion of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery—now witness the Aftermath! After discovering Michael Burnham’s personal log, Spock begins to unravel the story of Burnham’s journey from orphan to Starfleet officer—and the secret history of the Red Angel as well. But as he confronts the secrets of Burnham’s past, he’ll also have to grapple with his own. An amazing new Star Trek: Discovery miniseries begins here!

Review: We are behind on this series so bear with us over the next couple of days as we play catch up. If you’re a fan of discovery. You will most likely be reading this already. But for those who aren’t here’s what I think.

The Story

Picking things up from where season two of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ left off. This issue has a few interesting plot threads happening. First and foremost we have a potential plot on the Klingon Homeworld to unseat L’Rell from power. A plot, which is being led by House Kor. And one of its members is the famous Klingon Kor but at a time before he had his battle of wits with Captain Kirk.

While all of this is happening. We also have Captain Pike trying to broker a peace treaty with the Klingon Homeworld, but L’Rell is being a little cagey about it. As you’d expect given that a lot of her own people are out to unseat her by any means.

On Vulcan Spock is in meditation about recent events and is trying to process losing Michael again after the destruction of Discovery. His time of meditation gets interrupted somewhat when Pike asks him to go to a peace summit with him.

The Artwork

Mike Johnson does a pretty good job of the art and manages to capture the likeness of a younger Kor quite well.

I particularly liked the pages he did of Spock thinking back to his childhood with Michael on Vulcan and the sepia style color wash that was used on those pages.


This is a pretty strong first issue and I feel really compelled to get to work on reviewing issue 2, which I hope to put up tomorrow. Kirsten Beyer who was also a writer on the TV show has done a pretty good job of tying things into the continuity of the classic series without taking anything away from the Star Trek: Discovery characters. L’Rell is well written and it is obvious that she is going to be walking a fine line during the peace treaty. I also love the fact that she has involved a young commander Kor as her personal security. Something about keeping friends close and your enemies closer.

Overall a strong first issue.

Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath #1
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